Why Karen Jarrett Was Included In "Firing" Angle On Impact Wrestling

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Karen Jarrett was "fired" from TNA on this week's Impact Wrestling to write her off television to undergo foot surgery. Karen mentioned the procedure on Twitter:

Jeff Jarrett was "fired" to write him off television while he heads to India to head up TNA's project in the country. Jarrett and others left for India on Thursday.

  • BigMike18

    I hope they put Knockout Law Traci Brooks back in charge of the Knockouts Division

  • Jeff Santana


  • MsMojorisin

    im glad shes gone but this ehole tna invasion thing needs to bring the luchadors state side so tna can have a killer x division again

  • Patrick_Peralta

    As long as she is off TV, i don't care about the reason behind it.

    • Jumpin' Joe

      Amen to that!

    • Van

      I was actually thinking they fired both because TNA was probably getting too many complaints about Karen's character ruining the knockout's division

    • George ( Australia)

      Couldnt agree more, thank god shes gone

  • Ilyas

    Man,I hope she recovers quickly,and comes back to WWE TNA.I hope she will get rehired.If she isn't then I'll miss her.

    • lukey

      She’s not really fired… Wrestling is scripted

    • Matt

      Can’t tell if trolling or just stupid.

  • dave

    tna is nothing to do with wwe

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    This isn't the first time Karen goes under the knife. Zing!

    That was probably was distasteful to some, I apologize. Not trying to say they "should have" done this, but a suggestion. Say this past week, Jeff gets the axe, but then Karen, just because Sting can, brings in the Knockouts to visit the office, and Sting allows them all to dogpile on her or something. This is a write off angle with the possibility of her returning. Now I mention that possibility, because she is going to come back, and the firing would just be rendered useless. I'm predicting her return by the way.

    This is the same company where Jeff Jarrett lost to Kurt Angle, forcing him to go to Mexico…for a couple weeks. So they could very well bring Karen back in some form or fashion.

  • shane

    I cant stand that B—H so glad its gone

  • michael torres

    you are only human,even wrestlers make mistakes.

  • dh327

    I'll miss Karen and Jeff. They make me laugh.

  • Dan H.

    Someone should break karen's contract….she is terribe

  • HPK

    I like Karen Jarrett in He evil commissioner role !!! She will return soon !!!

  • HPK

    They need storylines like this !!!