Why Kelly Kelly Was Given Time Off From WWE & Why She's Coming Back Now, Exclusive News On The 1000th Raw Including The Show's Script, WWE Title Match Outcome, Major Names Rumored To Appear

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- As Brooks noted here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Kelly Kelly is returning to the road with WWE. Her time off has ended strangely enough with the news that John Cena's divorce was quietly and privately settled. As I reported here on Richard's Backstage Blog, the rumor was Kelly was concerned about her name coming up in the Cena divorce because of an alleged relationship they had while he was married and was granted time off.  WWE allowed Kelly to take outside bookings while still collecting her downside which was a very unique situation.

- I spoke with a source close to WWE creative who outlined the format of this week's 1000th Raw. The company has been structuring the show so that the main attractions will scripted at the top of each hour. The only segment confirmed is D-Generation X to open although the writers were looking at placements to feature The Rock and the "wedding" between Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee. The main event between WWE Champion CM Punk and John Cena is scheduled to go on last and as of press time, an outcome had not been decided.

- As for names scheduled for the 1000th Raw, I am unable to confirm any major appearances but have heard Steve Austin's schedule is clear and he's heavily rumored to appear.

  • SDD619

    I don't see Austin Missing this. I'm also thinking a legends battle royal will happen

  • Just Facts…

    Loyalty and Respect huh Cena?! Guess it doesn't apply to your marriage!

    • Ranfery25

      LOL! right!

    • urnemystic

      But apparently hustling was pretty close to the mark!!

  • Laxolly1988

    I thought the Rock would be involved in the “wedding” its a perfect chance for him to make a impact and get the crowd going whilst giving DB&AJ the rock “treatment”

  • skeeber04

    I think rock will interfere in punk Cena match, causing Cena to lose thus setting up Cena vs. Rock 2

    • Laxolly1988

      I thought that at first but surely they will want his mic skills as well? So the wedding would be perfect

  • proud

    I hope we see edge appear as well

  • hurrigame

    Outcome of the main event not determined yet? Hardly. I'm guessing Cena wins AGAIN, because it's been SOOOO long since he held the belt. Guess there's always gonna be a top dog using their stroke to get what they want, right? WCW had Hogan, the WWE had Triple H in the past decade and now it's Super Cena.

  • Jason

    Austin comes out, stuns Slater, drinks a few beers, leaves