Why Kofi Hasn't Been Elevated, Royal Rumble Match Back To Its Roots, A Wrestlemania Opponent For Undertaker, WWE NXT & WWE Superstars

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Why do you think Kofi Kingston cannot seem to get a main event push?

Kofi Kingston was close a couple years ago to getting elevated and Randy Orton felt he wasn't ready (and from what I heard, vocalized his opinion to company officials). Since then, Kofi has had respectable runs including his current run as one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. Main event pushes all come down to the right opportunity and truthfully, there has been a lot of talent in front of Kingston. A worker must command the attention of the audience (with reactions and merchandise sales) to get taken to that next level. Once they get there, they have to prove they are capable of such a push. While Kingston is not challenging in the top of the card, he's not in a bad spot either.

What the change in this year's 30-man Royal Rumble match after last year's 40-man match?

While the 40-man Royal Rumble offered a new promotional opportunity as the "biggest Royal Rumble ever," not everyone was a fan. The most vocal critic was the original architect of the match, Pat Patterson. Patterson felt the extra ten men in the match watered it down and WWE tinkering with "his baby" was a huge slap in the face. I don't know if Patterson's feelings got the match back to its roots but I know he was very disappointed with the move last year.

Who would you like The Undertaker to face at Wrestlemania XXVIII - an established work such a Triple H, a rising talent such as Wade Barrett or a surprise like Brock Lesnar?

If The Undertaker is able to work Wrestlemania XXVIII, which he is expected but not confirmed, WWE has to be very careful with who they book as his opponent. Ending the streak would be a mistake, especially with no clear-cut rising talent capable of such a rub. Having an established veteran like Triple H end the streak would be a waste because Hunter is limited in what he can do as well. A surprise, such as Brock Lesnar, ending the streak wouldn't make any sense unless someone like Lesnar agreed to a lengthy run in WWE. The best outcome is for The Undertaker to extend the streak to 20-0 so the question becomes - who does the job? If I'm booking, I'm not feeding a rising star to someone that is clearly towards the end of their career, working a very limited schedule. I'm also not feeding him a newly-established main event worker by running the risk of devaluing their future. My feeling is Undertaker needs to go over an established veteran where a loss would not hurt them. While I was initially against it, Triple H looks more and more suitable because he could provide Undertaker with a great match and a loss wouldn't hurt. The field is clearly limited and much consideration must be given before "jumping the gun" on a decision that could haunt the company moving forward.

Why is WWE continuing with WWE NXT?

WWE is continuing with both WWE NXT and WWE Superstars to fulfill international television commitments. Honestly, no one cares about the programming and they are in contracts that cannot be broken. Vince McMahon recently described the way they are treating the secondary programming as "sitting on them."

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  • Eiji

    What right situation was it for sheamus and alberto getting pushed. Alberto isn't selling any merchandise and sheamus wasn't selling any at the height of his push. They was just forced on us. I know it ain't there talent, cause they are nothing special. Mike Awesome was way more talented than Sheamus and look how they treated him.SMH I just don't get it. The mid-card workers back in the attitude era were more talented than any of the main event talent now. As for Taker, they wrestled twice already at WM, why would we want to see it one more time? There really gonna waist what might be Takers last match with HHH? What has happened with the WWE?

    • Scott

      I think the best match for taker would be taker vs the animal batista.

  • Jordan

    Randy Orton didn't just vocalize his opinion to company officials, he called Kofi stupid multiple times on-air

    • Matt Scott

      He went backstage and told officials Kofi was still green

  • James

    Undertaker vs Y2J needs to happen.

  • thatguy

    Get over it. Taker vs HHH was NOT as good as you think it was. go back and watch it again. 80% of it was just laying around after doing very basic moves. It wouldn't work and just be a pointless match. Even if you toss a upcoming talent with taker, if they can put on an amazing match and hold their own, a loss wouldn't hurt them at all. prob elevate them more

    Why did Taker vs HBK work the 2nd time? cause the first one was epic. Taker vs HHH would be a waster of time and not that great.

    • Vince

      THANK YOU someone sed something about taker vs hhh

    • bulletproofmind

      Why not add someone else to the match in addition to Triple H, Like a newer talent that way Triple H can job to Taker the newer guy can say "I was this close" and Taker keeps his streak all in one little triple threat package. Problem solved, I'm surprised no one has thought of this already.Then they could follow with a couple taker vs newer guy matches and put the newer guy over.

  • Cheddar

    I think giving a newer guy the rub against Taker would do wonders for his career whether they suck or not. What better way to push somebody than have them continuously talk about beating the streak no one else could? To me, that's booking 101, instead of just relying on 2 wrestlers who are on their last lag wrestle a match we've seen a hundred times before. I know HHH isn't going to beat Undertaker because so why would I even want to watch it?

    This is what's wrong with the company. Too many young guys don't get the rubs they need because they're "not ready". When are they supposed to be ready? After 100 matches on Superstars, 56 gimmick changes, and 9,865 matches against Santino?

    I say get some balls and surprise us, piss us off even.

    I just don't care about HHH and Taker fighting again.

  • Logan_Walker

    I Like Superstars because it give Talent like to debut and get some air time like Mason Ryan, Yoshi Tatsu & Tyson Kidd

    • jordan

      Ye i like wwe superstars but not nxt

  • patty

    I feel that since Undertaker is obviously hurting, he needs to be in a match with another vet who is also not at the top of their game, but betwwen the two of them, would be able to put on a performance. Someone like Mick Foley, who I think would be willing to take the job (obviously Taker has to go 20-0), and who is as much of a performer as he is a wrestler

    • gooblett

      Taker vs Foley Wrestlemania, Hell in a Cell………

  • Kapil

    I agree with most comments about Undertaker's opponent at Wrestlemania but disagree that a veteran should do the job. Don't you think that a rising star like Wade Barrett would actually get a great rub even if he just puts up a great match with the Undertaker and comes extremely close to beating him (like Randy Orton did a few years ago)? Also, with a rising star facing Taker, there is at least some doubt in the fans' minds with regards to the winner. In Taker vs HHH, everyone pretty much KNOWS (not just thinks) that Taker is winning !!!!!!!

    • Ellen

      Barrett might be a good idea, but WWE will have to be sure Barrett doesn't do more harm than good! He's not great yet. His mouth runs fine, but his skills really need polishing.

  • Tim

    I watch WWE Superstars and NXT regularly. Despite being the "B shows," they are refreshing to watch because we get to see talented individuals who we barely see on Raw or Smackdown and both shows are typically Cena free, save for the Raw recap on Superstars.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I understand Pat Patterson.'s feelings on the matter but he more then any should know Vince does what he wants not what anyone else likes. Pat Patterson.'s Feelings doesn't matter to Vince if he desides to tinker with his Baby the Royal Rumble. bottom line he is in chargre and he is the Boss.

  • Patrick

    The whole point of the Undertaker-streak storyline is to atleast make it believable that Undertaker CAN lose. Fact is, HHH, Cena, and Orton are the only stars that the fans can believe beating Taker. I can see them having HHH vs Taker with HBK as the special referee. That’s the only way they can sell the storyline and make it seem like Taker can lose. I would’ve preferred to keep Awesome Truth together and have a handicapp match against taker at WM 28. Have Awesome Truth cheap to win, then restart the match because they cheated, have truth and miz argue who gets the pin and then spilt them up with Taker getting the win. Oh well…

    • wijnand75

      that might be the best idea to do, because it seems a bit weird to see Taker vs HHH for a thirth time in such a short period off time.
      Than the following night on Raw they can give Taker a well deserved retirement / farewell speech.

  • luke

    A young talent like barret or sheamus vs the undertaker could work but i agree with richard that it can halt their momentum but at the same another match with triple h could be a bore in terms of we have seen it all before so wwe bookers could be in a dilemma. It sounds bad at first but if rey mysterio's leg is healed (i dont know when that is) that could be a very good match. Rey is established and a loss wouldnt hurt him and also being a fan favirote would generate intrest. If not i think jericho would be a suitable replacement

  • For me whether it be a one off return or a full time return for Lesnar, losing to The Undertaker at Mania would not make him look weak. For me I would have Lesnar cost Taker a winning the Rumble; this would instantly make Lesnar the heel. One hell of a fight at Wrestlemania where Taker wins and you can have Lesnar show Taker the respect he deserves and shake hands in the middle of the ring. That way both possibly end their WWE career for good as faces or if Lesnar is around longer he can carry on, on either brand as a face.

    How would people feel if there was talk of HBK having one last match and attempt to end the streak?

  • DNP

    It needs to be Y2J at wrestlemania vs the undertaker I like the Mick foley idea it would be very epic if sting came and did it but that’s a long shot

  • Ronnie

    This is how I feel, if the WWE didn't let Shawn Michaels defeat The Undertaker @ WM 25 or 26, then no one should. The WWE should have stuck with there original plans last year with The Undertaker, and they could have done Triple H vs. The Undertaker this year.

  • Frenchfry

    vs Mick Foley as mentioned above me is actually an interesting idea……. ID also prefer to see him face Kane again rather than HHH for the third consecutive time

  • Ubereem

    Didn't Undertaker once say in an interview that he has pushed for Kane to be the one to end the streak?

    Whilst i don't believe anyone should end the streak, i do believe there should be one last Undertaker vs. Kane match at WrestleMania, with both men retiring afterwards.

  • RJC

    Homestly, i feel that if this is to be the undertaker's final farewell to the in ring life, that it/he should be THE cornerstone of the show and not an essentially secondary match like i feel it would be this year. With that being said, i feel like they should hold him out of this years match or at least make it a give away match like they did at wrestlemania 19, and make next year's mania all about the deadman's final match(especially since its rumored that next year's mania will be held in the 100,000 plus capacity Cowboys stadium). Maybe give it a year long build up like they did for rock/cena this year. i think that would be a fitting way for the deadman to go out. And since he said he has one more good match left in him, i feel the perfect opponent for him would be the rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin, especially since they have never faced at Mania.That gives you an opponent that taker has never faced AND someone whio can carry a big time match with the deadman

    • Eiji

      and it would be in both there home states, if WM was held at Cowboy Stadium. It would be a great way for Taker to go out. I'm not against that Austin concept but I would like to see Austin vs Punk.

      • nc22

        As much as id like to see punk v Austin if i had to choose then I’d have

        to say taker v Austin in cowboy stadium with 100,000 plus texans for both of their last matches I would GLADLY take that…especially over taker vs triple h part three

  • RJC

    Honestly, i feel that if this is to be the undertaker's final farewell to in ring action that he deserves to be THE cornerstone of wrestlemania unlike this year where he would be a secondary match behind rock/cena. With that being said, i think they shoudl hold the undertaker out until next year's mania or maybe give him a give away match like tehy did at wrestlemania 19. MAybe they could give him a year long build up like they did for cena/rock this year. that seems like the only right way for the deadman to go out(especially since next year's mania is rumored to be happening at the 100,000 capacity Dallas stadium). And since he said he has one more good match left in him, i think ther perfect opponent would be the rattlesnake stone cold steve austin. Those two have never faced at mania so you get a fresh name for the undertaker and he has the experience to carry a match worthy of the undertaker's last run

  • cristina

    There a few fine options for Undertaker's Wrestemania opponent. Mick Foley would be a good choice, a younger buck like Wade Barrett or The Miz…because by the by a loss to Undertaker at Wrestlemania wouldn't devalue them at all. The best of the best have lost to Taker …because everyone does. Just being deemed worthy enough to BE Undertaker's opponent at WM is proof that you're doing something right. But the obvious choice is right in front of WWE's face, and I fear that as they so often do they are going to miss it. Chris Jericho is back now, and aside from encounters in multiman matches such as a Elimination Chamber he and Undertaker have never had a real feud where the focus was all about them. PLUS some of us remember that several years ago Jericho took the sole credit for defeating the Undertaker in the EC match despite HBK's interference…they could DEFINATELY bring that up. THAT is the answer for the best WM match. It's fresh, it's not a sequel, you have two guys with very devoted cult followings,they're established, and experienced and it simply couldn't go wrong.

    • Eiji

      Knowing wwe, they probably forgot about Chris Jericho and Taker at EC. SMH

  • Abby

    Barret and Undertaker. He needs payback. I want him to get killed and never return. I want him to get killed, after what he did to MY RANDY!!!

  • zach

    i think WWE should give the match to either someone who would just lose and leave or give the match to a veteran ready to retire so that after the smoke clears both superstars retire on monday night raw the night after but that match has to be the BEST MATCH EVER IN WWE HISTORY TO END 2 TOP STAR CAREERS

  • Rob

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me what is so special about the main event talent now? Except for punk, bryan, truth, sin cara and bourne and anybody left from the attitude era. If any of the superstars like miz, sheamus, barret wrestled back in the 90's they would be nothing more than mid carders. Cena and Orton boring ring skills, they wrestle like the superstars of the 80's. Cena cornie mic skills. I swear nothing exciting in none of there matches besides the match with orton and christian.

  • Dave

    Undertaker can do the world a favor and take out John Laurinitis. Put it in a cage so the b!+(h can't run.

  • Dougie

    It has to be Taker and Y2J at Mania, it’s just logic.
    Daniel Bryan has all the wrestling skill in the world, it’s his mic skills that’s causing him problems.
    Still think Bryan Punk & Jericho are gonna have an angle to fight for the title of best in the world, it just makes sense to me!

  • joshywrestler

    If you want the Undertaker’s streak to mean more then please for the love of God give him someone new! Between Kane hhh and hbk that is 6 wrestlemania matches. I dont understand the comment that it would hurt an up and coming star. Are you kidding me? First off to get a match vs the Undertaker at wrestlemania is already a huge deal that right there makes you a main event talent. So when they lose How the hell does that hurt their career? They just got a freaking match with the Undertaker at wrestlemania! Now if its a squash match I can understand but as long as they put on a good display with the deadman it can only help their career. If they do decide to go ahead and use a veteran please go with Jericho! We can always have Jericho vs punk at summerslam!

  • Sebastian

    I'll never bother with either NXT or Superstars again, after just reading that, that's Hilarious.

  • Guest

    Taker vs Barrett in a HIAC Match. Show him a lesson, HARDCORE style!

  • Jimbo

    Undertaker vs Rob Conway

  • sean

    I think in the end it should be Taker's decision he has earned that much at least to decide how he goes out and who does it he knows the business he is the best performer of all time he deserves his farewell on his terms.

  • dk

    Undertaker vs Chairman Vince Mc Mahon. “I created you, I can destroy you!”

  • Joe Nasser

    i don't understand you're view on Undertaker vs. a rising star. Are you trying to tell me if an up-an-comer was the 20th opponent (and possibly final) to fall to the hands of the deadman, that it would be a bad thing to the superstar? I'm bemused, have to admit I actually think you have it completely wrong. I think facing the Deadman at Wrestlemania is the biggest elevation you could possibly get.

  • crud80

    Kane would be the perfect opponent for the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. I know that they have already had a match against each other and of course Undertaker won. I just feel he would be the perfect veteran because he is the brother of Undertaker.

  • Turtles

    Y not the Brooklin Brawler for Takers oponent at Menia? Taker never face Brawler b4 so he never beat him b4, so it wud be perfect. Brooklin Brawler is teh best choice becuz he cud use the Singapoor cane and he doesnt afraid of anything.