Why Promoters Should Take Caution When Booking Scott Hall For Appearances - Backstage Details On His Latest No-Show That Resulted In Heat On Kevin Nash

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Scott Hall is back in the news after no-showing an nWo reunion at the Frank & Son Collectible Show in City of Industry, California late last month.

As it turns out, Hall missed his flight and the promoter ended up being very upset at Kevin Nash that his "Outsiders" partner didn't show up after Nash had promised to make sure Hall made the date.

I'm told Hall assured everyone he was going to get another flight to the show and would make it on time. Hall ended up turning his phone off for several days so nobody could reach him. The promoter discovered the second flight Hall said he was going to take, didn't actually exist.

  • Patrick Peralta

    pathetic is what it is.

  • PainOfDemise

    The promoter should blame himself for expecting Hall to show up. From the way it has been, it was probably better off that he didn't show up, because more than likely he would be drunk anyway.

  • Hitman310

    My brothers friend is actually a promoter for this kind of events. I believe this event he no showed was the one he got together. From what my brother told me, his friend talked to Nash and made sure that if they were going to do this that Scott would be there and sober and Nash promised that he would take care of everything. So to hear that he didn't make it must of made both the promoter and Nash look bad cause from what i know they charged 100 dollars for the entry. You might think I'm making this up but its a known fact in my part.

  • Jitters84

    Once again.. Who cares about hall? Hes a goner..

  • Wait what? Hall is a screw up? You don’t say!

  • Bault16

    Yes promoter, let’s blame Kevin Nash, because its totally his job to control another grown man. Also did everyone else chuckle when reading this headline?

  • Moose666

    This is my shocked face….

  • _JIM_

    Unless he's been living in a cave somewhere this promoter should have known that booking Scott Hall at this point in his life isnt exactly the safest business decision. Apparently this promoter has zero knowledge of the wrestling business or is just way too trusting. Either way I think he just might be in the wrong business. You've got a better chance of seeing God than being able to count on Scott Hall for anything now a days. Which is very sad to me because I still think that if he was to clean up his act finally that he could still be a major asset to any wrestling promotion. Come on Scott!! Get it together Chico!!