Why The Rock Must Wrestle On Free TV, WWE HoF Headliner, Al Snow Update, Undertaker’s Opponent

With The Rock working so many dates in the build towards Wrestlemania, do you see him wrestling any matches on Raw or Smackdown during this time frame?

Last year I was 100% against The Rock working a match prior to his match against John Cena at Wrestlemania XXVIII. I even penned a lengthy editorial here on Richard's Backstage Blog, explaining why I didn't think Rock should work Survivor Series 2011 (which he went on to work). This year, things are completely different as not only is The Rock confirmed for three pay-per-views (Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania) but he's basically full-time starting with this week's Raw (click here for his dates in January and February). Knowing this, I'm actually against him not wrestling. Doing nothing but talking for three months will get monotonous and will hurt his lifespan. He's healthy and in great shape so he must be utilized in and out of the ring. One of the biggest arguments I make about returning stars is when they come back and can't wrestle. Overexposing them turns their returns from big deals to just another guy. Given The Rock can wrestle, he must wrestle if he's going to remain relevant in 2013.

What is the latest with the 2013 Hall of Fame? Any ideas on possible inductees?

The two names I've heard as potential headliners for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame are Bruno Sammartino and Mick Foley. With tickets going on sale on Saturday, I would expect the headliner to be announced very soon on WWE television to help move them. However, as of this writing, I can confirm neither.

What is Al Snow up too these days? My wife and I ran into him at Hooters in Fayetteville, NC?

Al Snow works as a road agent backstage for TNA Wrestling. He also assists at the company's official developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling, as a producer. Outside of wrestling, Snow is doing some acting as you can check out the trailer for one of his recent films, Overtime, at this link. You can follow him on Twitter @TheRealAlSnow.

Do you think we will ever see the Undertaker vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania?

There was talk at one point of doing Undertaker vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 29 this year. Cena, along with CM Punk, Ryback and Brock Lesnar have all been names tied to potential matches against Undertaker at the pay-per-view this year. A new name that has emerged recently is The Rock. As much as plans are changing, the IWC is having a field day with possible opponents but we simply do not know as of this writing.

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  • isaac

    Richard can you plz tell us what happen to the smackdown blog???

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Rock should wrestle on Raw at the least. He should back up for what he’s been talking all along. Especially after he beat Punk at Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship.

  • don

    So, if they want to keep The Rock relevant up until WrestleMania, what does that mean for Lesnar? Will he be brought in on some of the days the Rock is not appearing? I think this is going to be hard for Creative to try and build a program for Lesnar, while keeping the Rock in the top spot for the time being.

    • If WWE creative can’t come up with more than one program at a time then they need to be fired. There is no reason why both guys can’t appear at the same time, it’s not like they haven’t before. Sure guys like Zack Ryder will have to take a backseat…oh wait he already is in the back seat, but there’s other guys who will guy pushed off tv for a while.

  • coold

    I would like to see undertaker vs brock at wm. I know punk has been a top candidate for taker but I think they way they have him acting too scared,he shouldn’t face him. Remember brock claim he came did all he could conquer but taker could want him to try to end the streak to return.

    • Maz

      Fix your English

  • Loren Goldstein

    The problem with Brock facing Taker is there’s no way that Brock should be the one to end the streak, and Brock already looks weak after losing his first match to Cena. 2-3 losses doesn’t work for someone whose being billed as unstoppable like he has.

    The problem with a Punk vs Taker match as a Championship vs The Streak match is pretty simple as well. How can the belt be put on Taker as he is an extremely part-time performer.

    • You must of watched a different match then I did because Lesnar looked the opposite of weak in his loss to Cena. In fact I would go as far as saying nobody has looked that strong in a loss in the history of wrestling.

      • BobCobb

        Stone cold losing to Bret hart tops that by far!!!!

        • I forgot about that one, Lesnar-Cena would be the second best I guess.

      • Loren Goldstein

        Although he might have looked strong in his defeat, at the end of the day what most people will remember is that he lost.

        • It’s not my fault that’s what some people choose to remember I choose to remember Lesnar dominating the face of the WWE for the past 5-10 years for about 25 minutes, and that’s what everyone else should do also since wins and losses don’t mean anything unless it’s a title match.

          • Loren Goldstein

            I never said it was your fault, or that it was right. The fact was that yes, Lesnar did dominate that match, yet they still wouldn’t give him the rub over Super Cena. When we’re talking about an industry where W/L don’t matter due to them being determined prior, no one should care about a record. But on the flip side it’s still sold as a competitive sport where things like that do matter.

            Let’s take a football game for instance. Who cares if team A had the lead the entire game, if team B makes a comeback in the fourth quarter and wins the game, that’s what is remembered. When someone like Lesnar, who only has had two matches since his return is thrown in the running for a shot at the streak, that one win and one loss will come play into his legitimacy as a contender. If he was undefeated in a couple of matches, or had worked more matches that he had won the majority of I think we could take him more seriously. Right now he’s only batting .500.

            (Wow, I really didn’t come into this meaning to make so many sports analogies, my apologies.)

  • Hard to imagine Bruno finally accepting the HOF after all this time, but if he were ever to accept it this would be the year to do it…50th anniversary of his first WWWF Title win.

  • dexter

    i thought at one Bruno Sammartino was against going in to the hall of fame.