Why RVD Was At WWE HOF Ceremony, Will He Return?

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Dot com featured an article on Rob Van Dam's attendance at the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Saturday night. Below is an excerpt when he was asked why he is there:

“I’m here to support my boy Booker T,” said Van Dam, who added he’d known the future WWE Hall of Fame inductee for some time around 10 years. They also had a memorable run as a tag team when they were in WWE together.

“[It’s great] seeing a lot of guys I haven’t seen since I left,”

Regarding a potential WWE return, he didn't rule anything out.

“There’s always a chance.”

Click here to read the full article on WWE.com.

  • The fact that dot com asked that question then he most likely will

  • Jeremy

    What if Cena wins the title by cheating, and then to end the WM29 broadcast theres some specualtion to a heel turn. End of RAW tomorrow, Rock confronts Cena. Cena beats down Rock, Booker T for the save (Hall of Fame plug, leading to…) then Rob Van Dam comes out to save his friend. RVD vs Cena for the title for the next few months. A guy can dream.

    • David

      Seems a bit cluttered as a way to get him back on tv.

      Would be better in my opinion if he was secretly signed and worked WrestleMania against Cesaro.

      Have C come out and state that he wants a match and doesn’t care who is against, then RVD returns.

      (as of writing this I don’t know if he’s with TNA)

      • Jeremy

        That does sound a bit more sensible, but I would not want RVD to be caught up in the US/Intercontinental title situation with the way they’ve been booked lately, unless he were truly booked to “redefine” (for lack of a better term) those titles. RVD should, in some way, be utilized to fill the void for CM Punk’s upcoming absence, possibly in the WWE title picture.

        • Ben

          He takes the title and rebrands for a new hardcore title (.com did a survey about that title coming back)

  • Michael

    Rvd and MVP back where they being.

  • Michael

    OK How’s this sound Rvd, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and John Morrison all return to improve the main event picture as Taker leaves, Punk takes time off Lesnar and Hunter and Rock leave again.