Why Stephanie McMahon Has Sold So Much Stock, RVD Says He Wasn't Unhappy With WWE Run

Stephanie Stock Mystery Solved?

The New York Post reported on Friday that one of the reasons why Stephanie McMahon has sold so much of her WWE stock is to build a house. Stephanie, who owns properly in Westport, Conn., and Manhattan, has sold 833,000 shares of WWE stock in 43 separate transactions, netting approximately $8.3 million since the spring.

RVD Says He Wasn't Unhappy

Rob Van Dam denies reports that he was unhappy with his most recent WWE run. The plan is still for him to return as his current contract calls for him to work in 90-day increments.

  • craig

    she sold it because she knew how bad the battleground finish was going to be

  • Batman

    So Stephanie selling her stock is news again now? After declaring it wasn’t and shouldn’t be covered? Despite now talking about it three times?

  • JAE

    I sold my Starbucks stocks… anybody care about this?