Why The Rock Won't Be On This Week's WWE Raw

WWE Champion The Rock won't be at this week's WWE Raw in Pittsburgh as he's in London for the premiere of "GI Joe: Retaliation." Digital Spy has pictures of Rock on the red carpet at this link.

Rock wrote the following on Twitter:

  • Rich

    So… since Elimination Chamber, how many Raws has Rock been on?

    • Charles

      I totally see your point, I love The Rock as much as the next guy but how do they expect people to buy into the main event when the champion isn’t on RAW? It’s like they’re just relying on that last year sold so well that they don’t have to put any effort into it this year.

      • Earl

        Nothing cuzz, dat one rok dere bin top of dat wwfe be bin hol dat belt fo big mob time he bin da man roun bo dere for dun big mob years

        • AlphaMale


        • Seconded, what the f-?

        • sir-rusty82

          yee cuzzz dat big dun dere al dat hol mob da rok dere………… That’s what I think too you got a very good point lol

  • 21-0

    Shut up Rich

    • Boogie

      I like this guy

  • Zack

    Why should he? He has a good point

  • I know Rich is trolling but he’s got a point, this is the Road to WrestleMania and the WWE Champion is no where to be seen, hell to the casual fan you wouldn’t know there was a Champion the way the feuds been built.

  • BlazeKing

    It’s not like I expected him to be at Raw anyway. He has a streak of his own for being WWE Champion and not having one match outside of a PPV.

    What really gets me is how he posts pictures of himself being in such “great” physical condition, but he won’t risk taking a bump before wrestlemania. This had better be storyline that’s actually making fun of what he did last year (being in a match reserved 1 year in advance and doing minimal work up until that match).

    • sir-rusty82

      Compared to last year the Rock has been taking a lot of bumps by Shield Rhode Scholars Punk 3 maybe 4 back to back PPV matches. No fact the rock has picked up his game only wish we could see Brock and Taker as much as we have seen Rock

  • People can run their mouth on cena but how many appearance has his missed. Even when not cleared he appears on raw

    • Snap

      What does that have to do with anything? If The Rock isn’t scheduled he isn’t scheduled so he’s not “missing” any appearances. I agree that the WWE champion should appear and compete on RAW but, to make a 180 turn… how overexposed has Cena been over the last seven to eight years?

      We all knew that Rock had a busy promotional schedule, which is likely why the WWE championship was put on him in the first place, to get mainstream exposure during those appearances.

      • If the rock wants to be champ he needs to be there. He has already showed he picks movies over wrestling. Even tho wrestling is in his blood or at least he preaches. If cena wanted to appear in big movies he could. But unlike the rock he chooses wrestling over movies. Just goes to show wwe is a joke.

    • sir-rusty82

      Yeh and how many A listing movies has Cena been the main character and been able to advertise WWE and wrestlemania to a hole brand new worldwide audience or let me guess that doesn’t help WWE as much as it would if he went to raw every week or do you maybe think he should stop doing movies that would fix it all right???

  • Rambo Commander

    The Rock is a stupid champion; he just does not deserve the belt. We all knew he won’t show up for any Raw after winning the belt. Probably he’ll just come for the show before Mania. Anyone ever remember Bret Hart or Stone Cold during the 1990s not showing up at so many consecutive Raws when they were the champions? It sucks to have a champion who never shows up at the programme. And I know the difference between this and a “no-show”. The belt should have been around CM Punk and he should have had a title match with maybe Sheamus or Ziggler, and instead Taker should have been fighting cena for a better match than cena vs Rock as we saw how much that match sucked badly last year. The WWE is ruining months of programming just so that Wrestlemania hits the 1 million mark. While its important that Wrestlemania sells, it does not justify ruining the best part of the year which is the time from the Rumble to Mania.

    • sir-rusty82

      The past 3 months the Rock has been there more than Undertaker and Brock Lesnar together. He is an A list movie star (when was Bret Hart or Stone Cold have that much publicity or that schedule aswell at the WWE schedule) and all the red carpets interviews radio shows are ALL mentioning his the WWE champion and his match with Cena at Wrestle Mania and yes we all knew he wouldn’t be here every raw. It has been great seeing the Rock while his been back with 3 back to back matches at PPVs or would you rather wait a year for each match his in. The rock is back for the business he could have stayed in Hollywood with his stunt doubles and do you think even once Vince told Rock he has to take time off from movies for wrestling I believe Vince would have said the opposite he would be putting the WWE title on his shoulder and telling him see you in afew weeks

  • sir-rusty82

    Im happy to see the rock when I can he has been on twice as much as Brock and 10 times as much as Taker. I don’t care what people think champion or not he has done it all for this business and were even lucky to see him at all and it wont be long until his gone again so enjoy it while it lasts and stop being so negative. In the facts he has actually done more for the business and advertising in the last year than Cena & Punk together