Why WWE Is Spoiling Their Own Programming

Joey Styles, who works as Vice President of Digital Media Content for WWE.com, replied "Bingo!" to a Twitter follower that explained the reason WWE is now spoiling their own programming is because they would rather fans find out from them rather than a "wrestling news site." Below is the Tweet:

This is also why we remove all spoiler warnings when WWE posts the result.

There has been quite a stir of the last couple weeks as dot com promoted Wade Barrett winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship and Alberto Del Rio winning the World Heavyweight Championship before the matches aired on television. Del Rio's match against Big Show is set to air on Friday's episode of Smackdown.

  • Torben

    Whether or not the WWE spoils it is irrelevant. Putting spoiler tags on your headlines is not that difficult. Please make the adjustment.

    • Trolls should be like kids in school…….speak only when spoken to. Aka just shut up about it because NO ONE CARES!!!

    • Gary Robert

      Agreed. You guys should at least show some respect for the product even when WWE refuses to. I never log on to wwe.com and now I definitely won’t and I never read the Smackdown “Spoilers” b/c I’d rather watch the show when it airs on Friday Nights.

      • Well if the headline says title change on a Tuesday night most people will know its for smackdown. Plus no one is forcing you marks to click on the article. Don’t want to know? DON’T READ IT THEN. Seems obvious to me

  • WWE posted photos of Del Rio with the belt on their social networking accounts, made it a top story on dot com and really go the word out. When they do this, we are following suit. We can’t “lock ourselves in a bubble” and pretend something hasn’t been announced when it has.

    • Kenneth

      Exactly. I’ll admit that it annoys me a little if I stop by here and see a *quote*spoiler*endquote* about a title change or something of similar importance but that’s the risk I take browsing a wrestling journalism website, and it’s a risk I accept, and whether they like it or not it’s the risk that everyone who comes here accepts.

      If the WWE has already announced something like that over dotcom and social media then the news is out there. Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.
      If I saw a spoiler alert in the past I’d know not to click on that article, as some people are saying, but if I as a fan want to make 100% sure that I don’t *quote*spoil*endquote* upcoming programming then the responsibility for that is on me as an internet user, not you as a website owner and journalist.

      The simple way for a fan to ensure that (s)he doesn’t spoil the surprise is to not look at news/newz sites on the internet at all, and to not follow the business on social media, and to not have the WWE app, and similar. The moment a fan does one of those things is the moment a fan takes responsibility for potential spoilers into their own hands. There’s no EULA, there’s no disclaimer, there’s no warning, there’s just life, common sense, and personal accountability.
      If a fan wants to live in a bubble then that’s their choice to make. They can’t expect the rest of the world to live in a bubble too.
      Basically, fans, if you don’t want to know beforehand then don’t look beforehand.

    • Patrick

      if fans want to avoid spoilers completely then it’s simple avoid wrestling sites wiether it’s here at WNW or WWE.com….not all fans go to WWE.com and WWE should know that……..and some fans come here or other sites on the inter net and if you have been going to Wrestling sites long enough then you should be fimilar to when spoilers are posted. so quit complaining an avoid wrestling sites completely if you don’t wish to know.

      • I agree Patrick. Not only should you avoid wrestling websites but the Internet period. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, they are all going to spoil stuff for you.

  • jon

    i thought Del Rios Stock in the Company was plummeting? all of a sudden he won the belt, can you tell me what the thinking in this is please?

  • The way I look at it is once WWE announces it, it is no longer a spoiler. It is now news and this site posts news and updates every day. So It’s only natural WNW would post the title change since It’s news. Those of you upset about this need to get real about this and realize that in this day and age with the internet the only way to be truly spoiler free is to use no internet at all.

  • No one is questioning whether the WHC change should have been posted on WNW. It is the manner in which it was posted.

    Saying “New World Heavyweight Champion” in the articles title gives your fan base no option. The title should have simply read “Major Spoiler Alert for Fridays Smackdown”. The articles title that was chosen removed the choice for the reader.

    Just because wwe.com spoiled it, does not mean YOUR loyal readers check dot com. WNW is an amazing site, but from the obvious backlash from your loyal readers, it’s safe to say that this was handled poorly.

  • Jag

    So what’s the reason to even watch the show if we already know everything before it airs?