Why Zack Ryder Won 20-Man Battle Royal, MITB Ladder Match Thoughts, Wade Barrett's Return, Dean Ambrose Getting Called Up

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Why did WWE put Zack Ryder over in The Great American Bash battle royal on this week's Super Smackdown Live? Is he in line for another push?

One of the reasons Zack Ryder was put over in the match, earning the title of interim GM next week, is due to his "WWE Superstar Collection" DVD due out on Tuesday, July 10, 2012. I do not know the magnitude of this push but it's certainly a positive sign for fans of Zack Ryder.

What are your current thoughts on the Money in the Bank ladder matches? Any predictions?

The WWE Championship Money in the Bank ladder match is going to be unlike any other we've seen with only four participants. There won't be as many fast-paced/high-flying spots either with the inclusion of Big Show and Kane (although this isn't his first time in a MITB match). The actual in-ring work will have to be carried by Chris Jericho but WWE is clearly going in a different direction with the bout. The World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match is more of what we are used to seeing with the majority of participants able to work the athletic style fans of the match have come to enjoy. It also includes talent that many consider "up and coming" and "due a run at the top." Clearly, I expect the World Heavyweight Championship MITB ladder match to have the better work with a huge opportunity going to who is booked as the winner. As for predictions, is it ever safe to pick against John Cena? The WHC MITB is harder to predict as WWE could opt to give Dolph Ziggler or Cody Rhodes their opportunity, go with the safer pick of Christian or try something different with Tyson Kidd of Damien Sandow. The only outcome that would completely disappointment me would be Tensai going over as the gimmick just hasn't worked.

Will Wade Barrett return at the 1000th episode of Raw?

The last I heard Wade Barrett was "very close" to being ready to return from his dislocated elbow he suffered in February. He was due a major push before he got hurt so look for him to get another run at the top sooner than later. As for a specific return date, I do not have one as of this writing.

Why has Dean Ambrose not made it to WWE TV yet?

Patience my friend. Dean Ambrose is in line for a call-up and is expected on WWE television very soon.  He has already been on the road with WWE on live events and in pre-show dark matches before TVs.

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  • Heda

    I'd like to think their being careful with Ambrose because they want to give him something special, not the generic squashing jobbers for weeks-months stuff

    • Sam The Man.

      Hope the same for Antonio ceasaro.

  • Nick

    Man I hope Ziggler wins MITB!

  • Raaqim Kabir

    What about a santino win, Richard?

    • Richard Gray

      I don't see the upside there either but wouldn't consider it as big of a fail as Tensai.

      • Hardy

        Personally in my opinion I would like to see Christian win and go on to hold the championship belt. And longer this time without the whining etc, in the other match I would like to see Kane get an opportunity. I’m pretty sure neither of those will win but as long as tensai doesn’t win I’m not hugely fussed. Most of competitors are worthy of a chance I think.

  • Deep

    I think I kind of see the direction with the MITB matches they're taking this year. Instead of having two matches that are both spot-fests, they instead have one of them be less high-flying with more power moves, which can also be pretty entertaining in a ladder match situation. We'll see how it actually turns out, but I like the idea of if you're going to have to MITB matches in one night, at least make one different from the other.

  • Patrick

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Barrett return in the WWE Championship MITB match as a surprise entrant and steal the briefcase from everyone. Possibly setting up a return feud and program with Cena for summerslam?

    • Howard Stern

      That's what I was considering too, somehow Barrett being the 5th guy in WWEC MITB.

      • Marc

        He isn’t a past WWE Champion. This match is only for previous WWE Champions.

  • Ace

    Cody Rhodes for MITB

  • MonsterMike42

    I was hoping Wade Barrett would return before MITB and win the ladder match but that doesn't look like that's going to happen.

  • Steve C

    I think giving Jericho the mitb win is the way to go, it gives him the huge return pop of cashing in after he leaves for his fozzy dates!
    Commentators always slate the way people have “cashed in”, DVD being the exception, so would they slate cena if he went on to do the same??

    • Steve C

      Meant RVD not DVD by the way! iPhone spell checker!

      • Marc

        It depends. If Cena does it the way RVD did it, then it wouldn’t be as awkward. If he does it like everyone else, with the exception of RVD, they may have to tweak his character slightly.

    • Robbie

      Plus don't forget Cena called ADR a coward for doing it the way everyone else does it again with the exception being RVD. But of course WWE will think we'll forget this if he wins and does it like ADR, Punk, Edge etc.

    • #1 Awesome One

      I say Cena or Kane will win it. I personally don't think WWE would give Jericho the title opportunity after the incident in Brazil. Also, Jericho would not have much time to Ca$h in the briefcase.

      • Steve C

        He’s back at the back end of the year so as I said his return would be a massive story if he cashed in on return! I can see Kane winning it and once again cashing in on same night during , yes during, the punk Bryan match providing its last which we all know it won’t be a super cena must be the main event! Just think if Kane did this it would make the whole AJ scenario even crazier

  • BobHardy

    I think Cody Rhodes should win the WHC MITB match…I think he's proven he can do great things!

  • Steve l

    If Santino won it would be an,oppurtunity fpr a winner to lose for the first time ever. But I would like Cody to win Dolj is great but a little obvious.

  • craig

    i am still waiting for the Ambrose-Regal match from the last fcw taping to go on youtube

  • Eric Zavala

    kane will win because it make sense for aj/punk/bryan storyline to contuined

  • Christ 4 Life

    I really hope Tyson Kidd wins MITB, either that or Cody Rhodes….

  • ImAwesome420

    Do you see this year being the year where the MITB winner fails to cash in as it has been elluded too a lot as of late.

  • BigMike

    I saw Moxley I mean Ambrose in the indy promotions especially here in Cincinnati for awhile he was a prodigy when he broke onto the scene as a teenager I saw him around here in smaller promotions like Northern Wrestling(( NWF)) Heartland(( HWA)) and of course OVW he is a great heel as he is very good on the mic and gets it done in the ring I look forward to seeing how this unfolds

  • Chad

    Am I the only one hoping that the payoff to the whole AJ/Punk/Bryan thing is for Ambrose to debut? I mean it might be a longshot debuting a new guy against the WWE title contenders but I think it would be a cool swerve for Ambrose to debut as AJ's new boyfriend considering they both have the "crazy" gimmick

  • Monty

    MITB was far and away the best PPV for 2011. It feels like they are trying to religate it back to a B level PPV so it doesn’t outshine Mania and especially SummerSlam. Seems stupid to me.

  • thebops

    I would love to see Tyson win this thing. He's an excellent performer who's been stuck jobbing since the Hart Dynasty days.

    It would make more sense for him to be going after the IC Belt, but what the hell…

  • DC

    Hey Richard! I was wondering if you guys had a fantasy wrestling league going on. Kinda like fantasy football? Like Guessing who will win matches and getting points for the right pick, or something along those lines

  • No Name

    Another person to consider is Randy Orton winning the WWEC MITB and go on to fued with CM Punk if he retains.

    • Callum

      He will still be suspended for MITB!

  • Thisguy

    I’d love for Jericho and Christian to win. But I bet that won’t happen. I honestly can see Big Show winning it since he’s the one with this monster push lately. Big man who can “finally be himself” with an iron clad contract AND the money in the bank briefcase? That’s a strong possibility.

  • Thisguy

    Then I know Christian or Santino won’t win since they’re already champions. It’s safe for me to say that it’ll be more of Dolph Ziggler than Cody Rhodes. Ziggler has proven he has the look, mic skills, and in ring work. This guy bleeds charisma and the fans know it when they chant his name (even though he’s a heel). WWE Management, I hope, has taken note of that as I feel that Ziggler will be the breakout star of 2012 if given the chance.

  • Mukeel

    Randy orton wont be back until the 30 th so yeah orton is scratched out of the title picture