Will CM Punk Be Suspended; My Thoughts, WWE Tag Tournament Outcome, McMahon Sends A Message

Given Chris Jericho was suspended for the infamous flag incident in Brazil, do you see CM Punk getting suspended for hitting a fan?

WWE is gathering all the information and we can confirm a police report was filed. Chris Jericho was suspended to save-face from negative publicity so it's obviously a possibility. Had it been someone lower on the card, they could have faced termination. Given the fact it was Punk I don't look for that to happen but I don't see how he gets out of this one without facing repercussions.

What is your take on CM Punk striking the fan?

There is no excuse to ever get physical with a fan. We could try and make an argument that the fan "deserved it" but Punk assaulted the wrong fan. The one pestering him walked away unscathed while the tape shows an incident onlooker got struck and his glasses broke. However, I'm not going to put the blame completely on Punk, as event staff and security are at fault for not containing the crowd around Punk. It's their job to keep the workers safe when they go into the crowd and they failed at that on Raw. With that being said workers have a responsibility to remain composed no matter what.

If the winners of the tag team tournament don't win the WWE Tag Team Championship, will that make the entire competition pointless? Or is it very predictable they will win so to avoid such scrutiny?

Most readers seem to be happy with the renewed emphasis placed on the tag team division so I do not think a successful defense from Team Hell No renders the tournament pointless. Tournaments are fun for a change of pace and in this case, helped a division that has been forgot about in recent years.

With Vince McMahon giving up his body on this week's WWE Raw for the good of the product, is this a signal to everyone else to "step it up"?

Lost in the CM Punk incident is the fact this week's WWE Raw had an outstanding ending. Vince McMahon showed he can still get over as good as anyone on the roster, Ryback has turned the corner and drew great crowd reactions and I was entertained throughout the show's main event. I absolutely think Vince was sending a message with his work and the fact he can use himself to increase interest is pretty remarkable in itself.

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  • Matt

    If he was going to be suspended, it would have happened already. WWE has no mention of this.

    • Dunstan

      It happened last night, they are still gathering information.

      • kevin

        And when the gather the info that punks dvd/blue ray sales went through the roof do you really think something will happen to him

  • dusty588

    This is the first RAW ending in a long time, that I watched in it's entirety. I'd like to see more endings like that.

  • craig

    What a 24 hours, white hot crowd last night at RAW, crazy main event, police report, and now a new dvd for Punk. i know he might get suspended but that is what heels used to do in the 70s if the crowd touched them

    • rkodmr

      Ya but in the 70s it was deemed wrestling not entertainment. More people believed they could really beat people up and promoters almost required them to show their toughness and if they lost a fight they would be fired. Nowadays of you call a fan a bad name you’ll get in trouble yet alone hit him. But I agree it’s been a crazy 24 hours for WWE and Punk.

  • paul44

    McMahon was awesome he’s def sending a message he’s pissed about ratings and I give him credit he took matters into his own hands. As for punk I understand his frustration w people pushing him but he just turned around and nailed that guy without even looking then could have been a mess of it was a kid . Security dropped the ball they didn’t follow punk into the crowd fast enough not a good thing for punk or wwe

  • Jay

    You need to watch the video again closely, the fan you say that got wrongfully hit was also pushing Punk, and Punk told him to stop, and the security told the fan not to touch him (Punk), the fan then said ok but pushed Punk in the back of his head trying to use putting on his shades as a camouflage, that's when Punk struck him.

    • Daniel

      That is almost the same information I obtained as well. The fan was trying to take the belt from what I was told as well.

    • jcud313

      Saw the video, don’t see the dude with sunglasses coming close to touching punks head, plus security didn’t even go up their until punk swung on the dude

    • dex

      there's the kid to punk's right who got pushed by punk, then pushes punk back. there's also the guy who got hit by punk behind punk. that guy pushed punk, punk looked back at him, then he hit punk in the back of the head, then punk smacked him twice. it's clear as day on the video that was posted here that provides a clearer perspective.

      with all that said, punk should not have reacted that way.

  • Vic Milani

    With the ratings of Raw at all time lows during CM Punk's reign, is a title change going to occur at HIAC with maybe a 3 man dance with Punk, Cena and Ryback in action..I finally think Ryback was put over by the run in save of McMahon on Raw and Cena is currently a one armed man.. Ryback-new champion?

    • DeJaun

      Anybody as Champion is better then Punk as champ

    • Lee

      I agree with the 3 man dance but Ryback is going to do most of the work with Cena still hurt, but Cena will crawl back in the ring to pin Punk for the win.

  • Frank

    There are a couple of new yoyube videos out that show that this fan did hit Punk in the head and neck/shoulder area and Punk reacted to that. Therefoire in all reality he shouldnt be punished but to save face probably will be.

  • outkazt09

    CM Punk will get a slap on the wrist. He is the #2 guy. Who’s gonna carry the brand right now Cena?? he is injured. RKO??? he is filming a movie. Punk if anything will get some sort of fine.

  • Frank

    The more and more I look at the video of Punk he was hit at least twice by the fan. The 33 second mark and about the 38-40 second mark. Punk regardless if he was in the crowd should not be touched. Crowd can yell and say all they want. never touch the stars. Punk is there to antagonize. He never did anything until provoked multiple times. Do they really need to push and shove him. Punk showed more restraint than most. People need to grow up a little. Are you going to a basketball game and push and shove Kobe Bryant when he antagonizes. Are you going to push and shove Jon Jones at a UFC event when he antagonizes you. Dont think so.

    • Michael413

      From everything I can see in the fan video, it shows a perfect example of what is wrong with society today. These days it seems people act in a act first apologize later mentality, and CM Punk is no different than any of those fans.

      CM Punk climbs the stairs and turns to listen to McMahon, and some kid tries to touch or grab punk’s belt. And that’s where the act first apologize later part comes in. Punk, instead of pulling the belt away, pushes the kid, and then the kid comes back and pushes Punk. I know Punk started the whole thing, but he’s a character on an wrestling show, and this kid shows no respect for Punk or any other fan in the area by pushing Punk back. The retaliation part really sickens me as to where society is these days.

      As for sunglasses guy, at 33 second mark, he gets pushed into Punk. Of course Punk had already issued a warning to the kid to stop, and without knowing what happened, he just looked back and saw this guy and maybe thought sunglasses guy pushed on purpose. Then at the 38 second mark, sunglasses guy goes to put his sunglasses on and as his elbows are up, he gets pushed into Punk again, elbowing him in the head. That’s when Punk proceeds to back hand the fan.

      Sunglasses guy did nothing on purpose and paid the price for that snot nosed little idiot pissing Punk off. Punk shouldn’t have done what he did but the kid that provoked the whole thing is an exact example of what is wrong with some of today’s kids

    • snap

      I’ve got to agree with that point, when people buy a ticket, they are buying the privilege to attend an event. They can cheer and boo and bring signs, but they have absolutely no justification to put their hands on the talent.

      If you get warned at such events to NOT throw trash into the ring or risk expulsion, it should be a no-brainer that taking a shot at the talent, no matter how much you may dislike them, is unacceptable.

      I’m not going to say whether Punk was right or wrong because I really don’t know, but from the video it clearly looked like a sloppy spot, as the vast majority of time I’ve seen one of the talent go into the crowd, there has been a clear path separating the talent from the fans.

  • Sovikos

    I don’t think Punk struck the wrong fan, the fan he hit did push Punk as you can see in a fan video. Might not have been the guy who was pushing the most, but the guy did have some contact with Punk before he retaliated.

    P.S-I’d check your own spelling in the above article 🙂

    • Sovikos

      Oh wait maybe I am wrong. There’s a guy behind the fan, who hits Punk and gives the finger. Then Punk turns around and unleashes hell!

  • Mark3man

    I know its never been announced as a work but surely the fact that Jericho was at a rock festival in England the week after the flag incident shows that it wasn’t a legitimate suspension. no matter what got said from WWE. y2Js suspension was 100% work. IMO

  • Brandon, South Africa

    Vince was badass last night. I’m looking forward to how the ratings did. If it’s up from last week, possibly in the 3’s, then there’s no denying that Vince draws!

  • The camera shaking on tv? The crowd was emphatic. Hell, I even cracked a smile when Ryback came out. Outstanding reaction for Ryback. Not Goldberg, RYBACK. People realize that now

  • KVB

    Hey Richard…

    Any chance of the WWE getting more tag teams like the Hardys, Dudley and Edge and Christian??? Can we expect to see some of the great TLC matches or since the WWE is PG would you not see as crazy matches like the ones the Hardy and Dudley and Edge and Christain have done?

    • Behind the scenes

      There will never be any team like the hardy’s, Dudley’s or even edge and Christian, hell and def not the rock n roll express, midnight express or the road warriors, we are stuck with Rey n sin, Kane n Bryan. We are in a sad state of affairs when it comes to tag teams, I guess it’s a bitter pill to swallow. It is what it is, thank goodness for the dvr or Monday night crappy football, I can still throw in the DVD of road warriors v midnight express from 86 in the omni!!!!

      • kevin

        Ok I want that dvd lol

  • Randy Orton!!!

    The security staff?! I'm blaming nothing on the security staff. Not 1 percent! Punk sprinted to the location the incident happened. I would even venture to say no one knew Punk was going to go "chill with the crowd." Isn't he suppose to be turning heel?! Why is he running in the crowd for fan support rather than just running completely away like a heel does?! Ron Artest(Medda World Peace) ran into the crowd like an idiot and hit the wrong guy an no one made excuses for his actions. He took the heat. Now, its Punks turn. He was an idiot, who ran in the crowd and hit the wrong guy. Take the heat. Keeping Randy Orton a top guy is looking really brilliant at the moment.

    On a brighter note…That may have been Vince's best performance as a wrestler…He just proved himself that the attitude era is just a better breed of talent.

  • that_one_guy

    We all know cm punk is a hot head he’s not like John cena so why would fans provoke a guy like that its playing with fire don’t do it

  • AntGilroy

    Did anyone notice the camera shaking when Vince was just about to hit punk with the keno stick? That’s the type of tv I wanna see…

    Stupid fans ruin everything.. almost as bad as Goldberg chants during ryback matches

  • AntGilroy


    The guy punk hits is clearly pushing him and then puts uo his hands then drops them right on punks head.. the guy deserved it!

    • Joe

      I read people saying that C.M.Punk hit the wrong guy, but the youtube clip that AntGilroy posted clearly shows that Punk hit the right guy. If anybody is really paying attention to the YouTube clip, you will clearly notice that the guy does hit Punk in the back of his head with his forearm and the he is acting like he is putting on his glasses.

      • HugeRockStar

        I think it was accidentally though, I think the guy with the glasses got pushed into Punk and got hit for it

    • Luke

      i 100% agree, people are quick to comment that it was unjustifiable, however, if you watch the whole video, the fans are touching him first, self defense, however i can see WWE rolling over and taking the blame, since its WWE PG lol

  • I think i would argue that the fan definately deserved it. Incidents like this needs to happen so an example can be made. I hate fans that think just because wrestling is scripted that they can just shove and grab wrestlers without reprucussion. Do you think the fan who shoved punk will ever do that to another wrestler, after witnessing that? I think not…

  • Ryan

    This shouldn't even be an issue IMHO. You put your hands on a star, you get what you deserve. Not much different than getting dropped for running onto the field in another sport.

  • Wate Incy

    richard will we ever know the "STATE OF THE WWE ADDRESS"? i was actually interested in hearing what vince had to say…unless vince stepping up was subliminal to workers in the back…great ending nonetheless….

  • Ricky

    Found it interesting that Vince was busted open and it was mentioned. I really hop this is getting rid of the ban on blood. I understand the whole PG thing but blood happens it's a fact of life. I'm not saying crimsons masks all the time like The Butcher, but alittle color goes a long way.

  • Fanfan

    I’m calling it now: We are going to this “fan” in the ring. Just like Earthquake and Santino before him.

  • Nick

    I’m with Punk! That stupid fan deserved to get hit! You just can’t go around hitting another person in the back of the head and think your gonna get away with it. Some ppl take wrestling too far…here’s a tip for all the marks out there…just because a wrestler is talking trash in the ring and being the bad guy, that doesn’t mean it’s actually him, he’s being a character! That’s called acting! He’s pretending to be someone else or maybe he’s being himself but with the volume turned all the way up. Now in the real world if you touch anybody rather pushing or hitting, that person’s natural instinct is to hit you or push you back. Take a note from that dumbass who got struck by Punk…DON’T TOUCH THE WRESTLERS!

  • Joe

    Yesterday MNR was awesome un-announced match between Vince and punk was awesome that’s what we need more on raw surprises not what we already know what’s gonna happen

  • H.M.

    Vince McMahon basically took one for his team if anything. Pretty legit too. Anything with the McMahon's involved in it usually becomes pretty damn entertaining if done properly and in moderation – they are of course, character-wise, a big part of the Attitude Era as well.

  • Barth

    Did anyone else love when VKM and Punk were going blow for blow with the sticks. I was hopeing for more like a lightsaber fight but that was amazing’

  • Willie

    If you look at da whole ending to punk in da crowd slow motion you can clearly see the same fan with da glasses trying to grab something….. Must was da belt

  • Evon Reese

    Maybe Punk has a bad attitude because Vince and Cena had to come back and save Raw. Punk can not carry a show on his own. Maybe his ego has been hurt and he is lashing out.

  • Kevin

    I foresee huge changes in Punk's future. I think he will definitely have to drop the belt now, whether the writers wanted him to or not. If Cena isn't fully ready to go at the next PPV, they may have a 3way with Punk and Ryback carrying the bulk of the load, then Cena picking up the pieces at the end to win the belt again. If Cena can't go at all, they may have no choice but to have Punk drop the belt to Ryback, even if he isn't really ready to be a champion yet. He doesn't have to keep it long; they could have Randy Orton take it from him on Raw the next night.

  • Al

    Actually needs to suspend CM Punk due to it's bully campaign and if they don't it goes against that..
    If WWE real supports the campaign, they need to strip CM Punk from the title for 30 Days. It goes against they policies, so they need strip CM Punk of the title.

  • Demarri

    FOR THE RECORD. I was at RAW in Sacramento. I was seating 6 seats away to the right from the incident. How it happened was Punk went up and there was NO security by him. A couple of Fans said Push him down the stairs and while some were nudging him and patting him just to get a touch someone did hit him in the back of the head. He swung back. Now I can say Power balance Pavilion is VERY old. Those stairs are shaky. You can go rolling down easily. They will probably Give punk a fine but not a suspension.