Will John Cena Actually Be Wrestling At WWE Hell In A Cell?

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John Cena is indeed returning to the ring for a World Heavyweight Championship match against Alberto Del Rio at WWE Hell in a Cell later this month. Some had speculated the company was setting up a swerve due to the fact he's coming off an injury that was expected to keep him out 4-6 months.

Cena insists it's not just his opinion and that WWE's medical staff, Dr. James Andrews (who performed his surgery in August) and his physical therapist are all in agreement that he is healthy enough to return. He claims he will be 100% by the pay-per-view on October 27, 2013.

Given the shorter return timetable, it's safe to assume that his torn triceps injury was not as serious as first thought.  I weighed in on Cena's return Tuesday night on Facebook:



  • Santaisreal

    I know I sound like a broken recorad this point, but again this is only a good thing. This will put the spotlight on the World Heavy weight championship again and hopefully give it some meaning.

  • Adam Eaton

    My first thought and I still believe this that Cena comes back early during the match del rio puts him in the arm breaker “reinjurying” the arm and Cena goes away again.

    • Ben Coe

      I agree, that Cena will be put in arm breaker, and Cena goes away again.

    • Steve pritchard

      I hope he wins the belt . Then we may not see him main eventing wm for the fourth straight year. And thats whats best for business

  • Borgi

    Why not give Cody a shot at the WHC let him go over, Sandow cashes in and they can feud over the title with the McMahons backing up Sandow and Goldust involved turning on Cody setting up their match for WM?

    • jdl

      I think giving Cody a shot would be better accomplished by having him involved with Bryan and the Shield in a traditional survivor series match, have Sandow win the WHC and feud with someone in the meantime and then give him a run at Sandow. As things sit Cody is definitely on a hot streak, but he has to finish his current feud first.

    • vic

      i agree with you i thank thats what going to happen

  • I can’t help but think that this is a plot to get the title on Sandow. John Cena beats ADR to become a 14 time world champion when suddenly he is attacked by The Shield. Sandow comes out and Cashes in winning the World Heavyweight Championship and Cena could be “Reinjuried” and disappear again for 2 more months.


      he ain’t missing Survivor Series in his hometown

    • iwc

      forget another 2 months. vince needs to release him. no one likes him. let cena rot in tna, that ill teach him to ever try and comeback early from injuries

      • Steve pritchard

        These posts were funny at first ! But now theyre just plain stupid. We get it you hate the iwc. But yet your on a wrestling website comment forum. So let me get this straight. When someone has a different opinion from you theyre iwc. Lol. If the internet was around in the 80s when hogan was around we would be doing this same song and dance. Wwe s storylines are weak these days . All you have to do is watch , no need for the internet. And yes cena gets over used in main event spots . Hell he has main evented the past 3 wm. do you not get tired of that? I sure do. Fresh faces in the main event at wm would prob draw better than the past two. If you like the same old song and dance at wm every year then more power to you. But im ready for some change.

        • iwc

          wut you mean funny at 1st. im dead serious, i hate john cena, im sick and tired of the sme ol crap from him as well. thats why i wish he would just go 2 tna or sumthing. cena back kills any chance of anyone else getting any sort of major ppush. ive been saying that punk vs bryan should be the main event of wm for years now.

  • BIG M

    The most annoying thing about Cena is he heals quick.
    Batista broke his bloody neck and he was back 3 months later.
    Was really enjoying A Cena free WWE but I know it wouldn’t last long.
    Someone should test his DNA for medical research his blood could probably cure cancer for crying out loud.

    • iwc

      i agree, i wish cena would break his neck and never comeback again. how dare him work hard and returnearly to pleaze his fans. cena is such a freaking jerk. hes gong to bury the entire freakin roster. hes a glory hog. alwayz has been. i hate john freakin cena

      • BIG M

        All right already you don’t like The IWC we get it.
        What I don’t like is any time I or anybody else posts about anything Cena related (positive or negative) we get replies from pro IWC’rs and Anti IWC’rs ready to bury or praise the man with so much passion and anger and I would suggest both sides should seriously get a life.
        And for the life of me I don’t get how being a Punk or Bryan fan instead of a Cena fan automatically makes you a member of the oh so evil IWC.
        Now for the very last time I AM NOT A MEMBER OF THE IWC just a life long pro wrestling fan who wants a little variety in the main event picture of WWE.
        I have nothing against Cena personally I just don’t like his in ring work and think he’s been champion enough ok.

        • the arbiter

          If you are posting on a wrestling website, with regularity, you are a member of the Internet Wrestling Community.

      • Snap

        I’m not a fan of John Cena, but that just wasn’t cool.

  • Rus

    It only seemed like last month that Cena lost the title at Summer Slam, story wise wouldn’t it make more sense to throw him back in the wwe championship story or atleast have him apart of the story. Having him go for the WHC doesn’t make any sense at all but I guess it is the WWE

  • iwc

    i so sick of john freaking cena, his face makes me sick. i hate how hes gonna comeback and get a automatic title shot. i know i complained about del boro and how the whc title sucks now but that deosnt mean that wwe should bring back cena to bury him. cena is going to comeback and bury daniel danielson even though he put him over, cena is selfish. i hate how wwe does there storylines. i complained about wwe when cena was gone and now i will continue to complain with him here, wwe can never do right in my eyes no matter what they do. i want my 55 bucks back from battleground as well becuz bryan didnt win the title and becuz there was a blackout for 5mins, even though i didnt miss anything, i still want my money back. screw cena, he needs to stop hogging the spotlight. vince doesnt know what hes doing. he needs to fire cena orton hhh steph and everyone else i dont like and only push internet guys. he should do what roh does, so he should get rid of all gimmicks as well. so fire taker, wyattts, kane, shield aswell. but even if they did thst i would prolly still complain.

    • Rus

      HAHAHAHA love it iwc you just made my day and in 1 comment you showed the mentality of every single person in the iwc

  • MohammadHanif


  • MohammadHanif

    I know some of you hate cena and don’t want him to return but without cena wwe is soooo boring so cena returning is what’s best for business

  • BigBrian19

    What a wonder advanced undetectable pharmaceuticals can do for ya. If you remain to believe he’s not on something after this you’re either simple minded or a fanboy.

    • Bob’s Diner

      The biggest failing of the wellness policy is that you can actually take anything so long as you have a prescription for it. Anyone who thinks this guy doesn’t get prescribed some awesome wonder drugs whenever he is injured is just dreaming

  • Praying Mantis

    What? SUPER CENA, NOT wrestle? God forbid! Of COURSE he’s gonna wrestle. I mean, really, God forbid that a truly DESERVING superstar get a chance at a title shot. Never mind, folks like Curt Hawkins, Kofi Kingston, Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, ANYONE! But, no, the “powers that be”, are fool enough that is HAS to be SUPER CENA! I hope he loses his ass against Del Rio.

    • iwc


    • JeanAE

      I want that badly as well, but we both know Cena is just going to “overcome the odds”. The same bullshit we’re fed all the time with him.

      I would much rather see Punk take the strap off Del Rio. He could bring prestige back to the title without being force fed Cena.

  • John

    Come on Richard lets not start turning a blind eye to what’s really going on here!

    There is only one way that you can rebuild muscle tissue so quickly and that is through steroids!

    You can act like Cena is super human all you want, but I think we all know what is going on here.. Nobody returns from a 6 month injury in 2 months.. And this is not the first time for Cena to do this either!

    • Rus

      About time someone stated the obvious, but then again even Richard needs to be careful on what he says as he doesn’t want to lose or annoy his sources somethings are just known not to talk about

      • John

        Yeah i realise that it would almost be career suicide for Richard to outright accuse John Cena of taking illegal substances. However i still feel like it’s a little bit over the top to be hailing Cena a hero for his miracle comebacks from injury, when it’s pretty obvious how he is able to do it.

  • Nick K

    I can’t look at your thoughts on Facebook since you blocked me trying to be like cm punk on twitter over sports banter and calling you out for using hashtags on Facebook. Id suggest getting a shot of testosterone.

    • Rus

      be careful or you will be blocked on here too

  • Baumphitty

    Lets look at the big picture here guys. Cena is the face of WWE and will be for a while yet. Putting him in the WHC picture keeps him in the main event, where he should be, but more importantly it keeps him well away from the DBryan/corporation angle.
    I dont usually comment on the site, but lately I cant help but notice that it really doesnt matter what WWE does, it’s wrong. Its getting ridiculous.
    Put other guys in the picture for the titles, yes, but are you really going to tune in every week to see contenders A, B, C, D etc until everyone has had a shot? You want a story to follow, hence why guys like Sandow and Rhodes are being built. They cant just throw guys into the main event scene. Look at ryback!
    Lets just see where they’re going with these storylines, then we can judge.