Willow In TNA, Undertaker's Contract, Future Of WWE TV, Morrison Update, Will CM Punk Return?

What is the point of this Willow character in TNA Wrestling? It's obviously Jeff Hardy so what gives?

If anything else, Jeff Hardy bringing the Willow the Whisp gimmick to TNA Wrestling creates hype. The vignette has been well-received amongst YouTube users and has fans talking. I thought the vignette was intriguing and I'm optimistic about the gimmick.

Does Undertaker have an active Performer's contract in WWE or does he just work in Wrestlemania payouts?

Undertaker is under contract with WWE. I'm not sure of the fine details as WWE does not disclose this information but I assume he has a deal where he collects a downside from the company. When he works a show, such as Wrestlemania, he's paid a show bonus based on a percentage. There have been issues regarding how much of a payout in the past but he is under contract. WWE locks performers such as Undertaker down under contract so they retain exclusive rights to their services.

Just so I'm clear - once the WWE Network launches - Raw and Smackdown will remain on the USA Network and SyFy respectively?

The existing television contracts for Raw and Smackdown will remain in place in the United States and in overseas markets on launch of the WWE Network. WWE is currently in the process of renegotiating their domestic TV contract so there could be a change of channel next fall but there was never a plan for these to become exclusive to the WWE Network. However, one thing the WWE Network gives the company is the ability to have guaranteed television clearance. Vince McMahon wants the WWE Network to be his legacy so the company is never in jeopardy of losing TV clearance and ending up like WCW. From everything I've heard, the TV networks are optimistic the WWE Network will actually increase interest and ratings. Replays for weekly WWE television will be available on-demand in the WWE Network tape library.

Whatever happened to John Morrison and WWE?

John Morrison quit WWE when his contract expired in November 2011. He's explored a possible comeback but from what I've been told, he wanted less and WWE wanted more. Morrison wanted a deal similar to what was given to Chris Jericho or even Rob Van Dam that gave him some flexibility. Vince McMahon wanted a full commitment and that's where things stopped. Morrison left WWE on good terms and there was never a problem with him. There were incidents tied to Melina but not with Morrison directly.

Do you personally believe CM Punk will come back before his contract is up?

The only person that knows the answer to this is CM Punk himself. Anyone that claims to have the scoop on Punk's departure is speculating. We can highlight all the issues Punk had prior to leaving WWE (and we uncovered another on Thursday) but the only person that knows his mindset is him. I'm sure his inner circle has an idea but his inner circle isn't talking. Every fan has an opinion about why Punk left but it's important to not confuse opinion with fact and the only fact we know is Punk isn't talking.

From the Ask WNW vault…

April 2013: Do you feel that a manager could help Ryback get more heat? Who would you pick to manage Ryback? - I haven’t given a lot of thought to Ryback getting a manager but so far, I’ve been pleased with what I’ve seen with Ryback’s heel turn. He’s clearly far from perfect – his in-ring is lacking and he’s not exactly “steady” on the stick but he has the look and it’s enough for WWE to have confidence in pushing him as a main event talent. A lot of the other heels have mouthpieces right now so I’m not sure this would be the type of uniformity that WWE would welcome. If they did go in this direction, my picks are rather obvious. Paul Heyman and Zeb Colter are the two best heel mouthpieces in the company right now.

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  • Danny_Boy

    UGH! More Punk questions, I don’t understand why people continue to clamor for a quitter who walks out on them. It’s time for people to move on and realize that Punk walked out because he couldn’t handle the fact that Bryan surpassed him. Anyone ever notice how Punk walks out on the night when all the fans could talk about was how Bryan got screwed? It probably kills Punk knowing that Bryan took his spot as the new internet darling so in order to get the attention back on him he walks out.

    • You have an issue with Punk questions but say nothing about the ridiculous Morrison query? He walked away years ago and wasn’t nearly the big deal Punk was. Yet, someone out there is still curious about what he’s up to and why he left. *That’s* what I don’t get.

      • Danny_Boy

        Rather silly question you ask, but I’ll answer it anyway. Morrison left after his contract expired which is the professional way to leave and notified WWE officials ahead of time that he wasn’t resigning. Punk in the other did the opposite. He quit and walked out and didn’t tell anyone until the day of while still under contract which is completely unprofessional.

        • Steve pritchard

          So if you’ve given your all at your job. And take a back seat to a guy who hasn’t been with the company in four years . You would just sit back and say or do nothing? No one on this site can honestly say they would do or say nothing if the same thing happened to them. If you say wouldn’t be upset or anything Your lying! While the way he left was unprofessional . I don’t blame him a bit for being pissed. As a fan I’m not happy Bautista winning the rumble. So I can imagine how he feels as a worker.

          • opie

            Punk’s a smart guy. He has to understand that WWE brought Batista back because he boosts star power going into Wrestlemania season and because Batista will offer mainstream media attention in the infancy of the WWE Network due to his role in Guardians of the Galaxy. The future of the company is riding on the network, so having a star of a summer blockbuster representing the company is ideal. I don’t know exactly why Punk walked (everything is just speculation) but I’m pretty sure it’s not because of Batista specifically. If it is, he’s not very understanding.

          • AlaminoCasino

            Mainly because Batista isn’t the star of Guardians of the Galaxy. Chris Pratt is the star. They should have gotten him to ME Wrestlemania and have Mouse Rat play “You’ve got Sex Hair” for his entrance and had Ron Swanson in his corner. Unbeatable.

          • Simze

            I wouldn’t be a selfish little bitch and walk out. He’s in the top pro wrestling company he should be lucky he’s got a job and a program.

    • Rus

      Your close but this was all a scheme by WWE to stop the yes movement & it has worked, the yes movement hasn’t been half as loud and now lets segments get to the end, especially Batistas segments…….. Punk will be back and eventually the goat will get put down, well back to mid card anyway. WWE can not have the crowd turn on them like they did at royal rumble and Punk was the perfect distraction

    • Gary Robert

      I hardly think it has to do with personal jealousy against DB.

    • TheBigKing1


  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Whey another CM Punk question, can we please stop with the CM Punk question, as it’s just one simple answer. WE DON’T KNOW.

    • Danny_Boy

      I do know. The anwser is simple, DANIEL BRYAN!

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        No.. you’re guessing. Like everyone else.

      • Mysterion

        You need to get over your hatred of Punk. I’m sure you crush on him.

        • Danny_Boy

          Why do you think I hate Punk? Because I state the truth and expose him for he really is? That’s not hate its called being honest

          • Mysterion

            I love the use of the word “expose” like your personal opinions on someone you don’t know even slightly hold any small feeling of relevance. You sound just like everyone else who hates Punk. “Oh he’s whining.” (Like you are). “Oh he’s crying again”. “Oh he wants the world”. He wants his friends to have a job? Yup. Selfish prick. Can’t believe that! You don’t “expose” anything. You give your opinion and clearly, judging by the thumbs ratio, not many people agree.

        • Back off, Bugaloo, he’s mine!

  • Christen

    For the WWE network they answered this question they have a FAQ section on http://www.wwe.com/help so even with the launch of the Network soon we will still be able to watch Raw & Smackdown on tv.

    As for the CM Punk questions enough already the only person who knows is Punk. We don’t know what his plans on we can only speculate on what he will do. Who knows he could be staying away for a bit to heal up i heard he was pretty banged up. He could be thinking things over who knows the only person that does know is Punk his self. So until Punk says something which he hasn’t said nothing on twitter on in a month we can only guess.

  • Luan Mendonça Rodrigues

    Willow’s catchphrase: “Follow the wisps”

  • Venom

    I am a CM Punk supporter but the 2 things I can’t stand anymore are CM Punk and WWE Network questions. I can understand after the march Chicago RAW show there will be more Punk questions since I expect if he doesn’t show up the crowd will be insane all night. Bit seriously it’s getting annoying. I’m still in favor of fans expressing themselves at the shows and chanting his name and whatever it is if they don’t like what’s going on in the ring to send a message.

    • Rus

      People need to get back on the yes movement, since Punk left the yes movement is only half asloud & they came closer than ever to being heard at the royal rumble & making WWE put Bryan as the face

      • Venom

        I just care that fans are expressing themselves. Especially at the royal rumble. Fans usually do this the night after wrestlemania cause it’s “Bizzaro Crowd” but the fans at royal rumble was just an average fans. They sent a message during the title and rumble match. At least WWE is doing something with Cesaro just hope he doesn’t get “zigglered”.

  • Eddie Edwards

    I’m not a TNA fan and haven’t turned it on in a about a year, but have always been a fan of Jeff Hardy’s. I might check it out for his willow gimmick

  • Gary Robert

    I still find the fact that he has been completely silent to be very strange.

  • live1213

    Note to TNA if it’s every a chances to break the bank and take a chance it’s on CM Punk, and Shelton B. Heck the mic work alone will increase viewership.