Win/Loss Records, Orton's Recent Jobs, Kane's Gimmick, Barrett's Last Match, Why Fans Should Stop Chanting CM Punk, HoF Ceremony

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Do workers in WWE and TNA care about their win/loss records?

The interesting thing about the pro wrestling business is that it is not objective. In sports, one team is better than the other and that is proven by the game/match outcome. In pro wrestling, the outcomes are scripted. While a winner and loser are predetermined, the worker that goes over is in a better position than the worker that goes under. So while a worker cannot "improve" their win/loss record per-say, they can have it impacted by their ability to get their character over.

How do you feel about all of Randy Orton's losses to his Elimination Chamber opponents headed into the pay-per-view?

Randy Orton losing in singles matches to his Elimination Chamber challengers is part of The Authority storyline leading into the pay-per-view main event in a couple of weeks. There are multiple ways to look at it but I believe Orton is being made to look like he doesn't have a good chance to win, only to surprise at the pay-per-view. The plan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania XXX is Orton vs. Batista so unless the company swerves (which is always a possibility), I think Orton will go over. I do not think the losses are a sign of WWE losing confidence in Orton as he is still the "1b" behind John Cena.

In the lead up to Wrestlemania, do you think it would be interesting to see the Undertaker somehow talk sense to Kane into becoming a monster again, making the transition from corporate Kane to the Big Red Machine?

The main focus for Undertaker will be on his Wrestlemania XXX match and defense of the streak. The plan as of this writing is for the streak to be on the line against Brock Lesnar. Undertaker is believed to be returning to WWE television shortly following Elimination Chamber to kick the program off. We can still not confirm an exact date. Whenever Undertaker is back there is always a connection to his "brother" Kane but they do like Kane as a heel right now. Kane is versatile and has turned as much as anyone I can remember.

Is there any reason Bad News Barrett isn't wrestling?

The last televised match I have for Bad News Barrett is a match on Smackdown all the way back in August. He is getting the talking segments on television, which allow for him to collect his appearance bonus. Barrett is working matches on live events so he is not injured. I do not have the exact reason why he has not been scripted to wrestle on television but perhaps they feel a better opportunity to get the gimmick over is to utilize him in the "bad news" talking segments.

When Raw goes to Chicago on March 4th, could you see the audience taking over the show in a big way and chanting for CM Punk all night long?

This is obviously an issue WWE is bound to have to deal with and will do so by turning off the house mics but I hope people get over it. Everyone knows where I stand on the CM Punk chants - I'm a huge fan of Punk but chanting for him is ridiculous. He left on his own terms and Vince McMahon has continually tried to convince him to come back. The assumptions formed by fans in regards to "how Punk was treated" are nothing more than assumptions and shouldn't be passed on as fact. Punk is one of my favorite workers of all-time but he made the decision to leave. WWE didn't want him to leave and has a Wrestlemania match for him if he comes back. If he doesn't, it's time to get over it and stop chanting his name. If you go to a show and chant Punk, you aren't a martyr voicing your opinion for change. This is not the same situation as Daniel Bryan. The fact that both happened back-to-back has some fans confused.

Will the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony be covered over the WWE Network?

Yes, it has been confirmed the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony will air live in its entirety on the WWE Network. This is something you can expect a lot of with the WWE Network. It gives the company guaranteed air time for events such as the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and also helps if WWE needs TV clearance for another live broadcast.

From the Ask WNW vault…

March 2012: As far as I can remember, CM Punk has appeared a couple of times on both WWE TV and YouTube lately sporting Colt Cabana-themed t-shirts. Do you know if the company has any beef on that matter, or do they just let Punk do whatever he wants? - I haven’t heard specifically what WWE officials think of CM Punk sporting Colt Cabana merchandise but it’s a secret to no one that Punk has a lot of leeway in terms of gimmick freedom. Punk planned on leaving WWE last year but was talked into staying after the “leaving” storyline got over in a big way, clearly establishing him as a main event talent. Kevin Nash recently alluded to Punk’s creative freedom which you can read about at this link.

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  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Kane has as many turns as the Big Show.

    • Mr Ass

      I know, he’s gay, then straight, then gay, then straight…

  • eskymi

    Chanting for Punk is silly. He’s gone for now, give it a rest. As for chanting for Bryan, I like it. I know some people say that fans chanting yes yes yes when Orton is in the ring with HHH is disrespectful and such, but I bet if it were happening to Cena the SAME posters would say, “Well he should change that’s why it’s happening, people are sick of him.” I think fans trying to take over the show is great.

    I fear you are right about Orton, but at least the fans crapping on him is making his reign a little less painful for me. I despise Orton like most of you despise Cena. Can not wait until he drops the belt and hopefully disappears into mid card.

    Don’t mind BNB not wrestling. I would like to get rid of those stupid segments about Bad News that he does, they are not very good at all.

    Confused a little by WWE Network in as much as are all shows that are shown live going to be immediately put on demand? I mean are they just putting the shows on demand or will they have say every tuesday at 8pm they’ll have a show and then put in on demand the next day. So, the HOF Ceremony will be shown live, if I decided to click that link, but at the same time that is going on, I can watch something else…and then the next day watch the HOF Ceremony? Know what I mean? Anyone that can help.

    Basically I wanna order it on the 24th at 9am and watch Elimination Chamber right away…maybe…

    • Bob’s Diner

      Completely agree about Orton – the chanting against him is by far the most entertaining part of his entire reign.

      As for the network, you are mostly right. There will be scheduled programs airing at certain times, but you can watch whatever is on demand whenever you like. I believe future PPVs will be available on demand immediately after they finish live. Although, they didn’t include Elimination Chamber 2014 on their list of PPVs available at the launch so there is no guarantee you’ll be able to watch that right away. It may be an oversight or they may be waiting until the PPV replay period ends, since it is the last real PPV

    • ron

      Good answer by Bob about use of the network BUT the first PPV available on the network will be Wrestlelmania. The Elimination Chamber will be a PPV on the normal old distributors. DirecTV Dish and your Cable provider. I assume it will be available on demand at a later date. The next day week, month sent know I would like to k ow the answer to that ? If anyone knows??

  • David F.

    Hmm maybe Raw after Camber PPV and Orton retains title because Bryan is screwed again somehow. Authority rubs it in fans Bryan wont be going for title. lights go out and cue Hogan’s theme song and out he comes to confront the authority and state that since he is special guest host of WM he will give fans what they want and put Bryan in main event making it Bryan v Batista v Orton. If WWE keeps it as Batista v Orton the fans attending Wresltemania will hijack the match and crap all over it

    • TheBigKing1

      It’s a way they can do it and do it right.

    • J Vomkrieg

      Adding hogan to anything these days will just make it hokey and bogus. If you watched him on TNA it was painful. Hogan, like Ric Flair, should be used in moderation

  • John

    People pay good money to see these shows. I think they have right to chant whatever they want. Letting someone know you miss them seems like a reasonable response to me. Why do you care if Punk is chanted one way or the other?

    • No, no. I’m afraid you’ve missed my point. You CAN chant for whatever you want. You paid to attend the show, chant away! My point is the fans that think they’re ultra smarks by chanting CM Punk — feeling they are sending some sort of message to WWE. This is silly. WWE didn’t want CM Punk to leave. He left because he wanted to leave. I feel a lot of people are confusing this with Daniel Bryan. Bryan was a product of bad booking. So the fans spoke up. Punk CHOSE to walk out. Bryan didn’t choose to not be placed in the Rumble match. Bryan has done everything asked of him and still tends to get the shaft. There is a BIG difference and one I’m afraid many fans have confused.

      • Jason

        Thats like saying you paid to attend to chant for Chris Benoit many years after his death.

        • Bob’s Diner

          Yeah, because leaving WWE is totally similar to murdering people

      • AlaminoCasino

        Richard, I respect your opinion, but respectfully disagree. I think Punk is trying to show the other guys “Hey, sometimes you have to do this or we will all be treated like this” kind of how HBK,Nash, and Hall went to Vince and got contracts changed in the 90’s. The only thing I don’t like about Daniel Bryan (and I’ve known about him sine 2004) is that he’s too humble. Him being like that allows people to walk all over him. You just said it yourself, Bryan has done everything asked of him and still gets the shaft. If I had gotten the shaft 10 times, I’d be waiting for the 11th no doubt. Zigs should walk, Barret should walk, Byran should walk, they’re gonna do the same thing to Cesaro as they did to Punk and Bryan, so he should walk. A lot of guys should just walk. If the part timers really do draw like they say they do, then just let them draw. Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, Cesaro, and others have worked so hard the past 2 years only to get shafted when WM time rolls around based on something that nobody can legitimately prove (that part timers draw, because you can’t REALLY say who draws unless you go and asked EVERY SINGLE PERSON who bought a ppv or something like that why they bought it and who they bought it for.

        I know Punk had a 434 day reign, but he was never the main-event unless he was wrestling John Cena, so I don’t even really count his reign. I mean Big Johnny vs. John Cena was the main event of a ppv while Punk was champ. No excuse for that. Then he had to lose the belt to a guy who was putting out a movie that, if you had seen the first one, you don’t have to see any of the other 8384783478367324y24 they’ve put out.

        • You’re making so many assumptions about things we just don’t know. We can highlight everything bothering CM Punk that resulted in his departure but at the end of the day no one can tell you exactly why he left. You’re assumption is he left to “prove a point” but at the end of the day, that’s nothing more than an opinion. Chanting CM Punk is like chanting hot dog. You can do it but it’s not going to change anything.

          • AlaminoCasino

            Well, I guess unless our name is Phil Brooks or Vince McMahon, we’re all making assumptions. Obviously, you have more contacts than me so are more in the know, but I was making comments based on what you reported earlier about Steve Austin. “Austin said there was a high degree of professionalism backstage but a lot of people afraid to speak up in fear of pissing someone off. He encouraged workers to start taking chances.” -credit to you, of course.

            So, sorry for my assumptions, but that’s just how i feel about it. I see what you’re saying, nothings gonna change. Maybe that’s why he walked out? I don’t know.

            But don’t you think they’ll just do the same things to Bryan (they already have) and Cesaro? That’s just like a girl saying “My boyfriend beats me, but I love him so I went back”. I don’t even watch Raw live anymore. I DVR it and FF most of it. It’s more entertaining to come online and see what people are saying than actually watching wrestling right now.

            Either way, I wasn’t trying to argue with you or even say you were wrong. I should have worded it a little better. I was just trying to go with another scenario. I do not know why he left, but even as a fan, a HUGE fan of his, I am not upset one bit.

          • TheBigKing1


          • Bob’s Diner

            a Hot Dog chant would be awesome. I hope someone can use that during the WrestleMania main event

          • Batman

            Like chanting hot dog? Nonsense.

            You’ve said it yourself. Vince wants Punk back. If the crowd go silent, as per your arrogant insulting request, then what? Vince sees there’s less and less interest in him, stops bothering. If people want to see Punk, they will chant his name. Again, your passive aggressive “smark” comments are ridiculous assumptions. There’s a word you trot out often. Youre assuming what people think when they chant his name. Not facts.

      • K!NG

        The fans just want to feel like they control the show.

        • TheBigKing1

          Yeah, which they certainly don’t.

      • Gary Robert

        They are sending a message, Richard. Its find a way to satisfy him and bring him back. And its not with a Kane WM match…cause that’s pointless, and its not by lying to him about certain agreed terms (if thats the case). Find a story line and direction worthy of who the guy is.

  • ken

    Orton vs Batista maineventing 30 years of wrestlemania is ridiculous. One is a champion who gets boring chants in every damn match, the other is a 45 year old man who’s been away for 4 years. Not to mention the fans booing the hell out of him. Surely Vince has got to realise this is Not the way to go, despite how much Hunter tries to pull for it.

    • cranktheradio

      I agree in regards to the Batista aspect. I’ve also never been an Orton fan. However, I do have to admit that his in ring work lately has me slightly more interested in him. I don’t know what it is, but something about him is beginning to catch my eye.

      • cranktheradio

        Trust me, I’d like to down vote myself for enjoying Orton matches ….

    • TheBigKing1

      Orton is such a great heel now, so people cant stand him…just how he likes it. They chant those stuff at him, not cause they think he’s boring, but to get under his skin.
      As for Batista, he just needs to show and remind us of the old Batsta, the “Animal”. He has to bring that Animal back. We got a little glimpse of that on MNR…now we need more. After that, he will be alright. But I still think they will turn him heel soon to fued with Bryan…which I can’t wait for.

      • Mysterion

        No. I defiantly think he’s boring. He’s so so so boring. He couldn’t draw heel heat with a pencil strapped to his foot drawing a lighter.

        • Bob’s Diner

          This. It amazes me Orton fans think he is actually drawing heel heat.
          And that Orton actually has fans

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            He has fans, I mean his entrance “voices in my head”

        • TheBigKing1

          That’s still heat bro. There are different types of heat. He gets a mix of both. But heat is heat. Period!

      • Bob’s Diner

        The problem is Orton isn’t getting ‘heel’ heat – he is getting ‘we are sick of you’ heat. It isn’t the same thing and is why he gets so flustered all the time. I liken it to the type of heat Jeff Jarrett used to get in TNA, or the old guys used to get in WCW circa 1999.

        • TheBigKing1

          Like I said to the other guy, heat is heat. Period! He may get the wrong type of heat…but as long as he’s getting some good heat, he’s doing good, and doing his job right. Because ya’ll wasn’t saying all of this when he was a face. Ya’ll just wanted him to be a heel because ya’ll wanted a character change…and Orton wanted it because he feels more comfortable as a heel with people booing him. Now that he did such a great job, now ya’ll mad. Keep crying then.
          He started his heel heat by burying Bryan. He did it the perfect way. That was the ONLY way he could’ve done it. So now ya’ll Bryan fanboys are sick and tired of him and can’t stand him. Lol. Ya’ll are funny.

          • Bob’s Diner

            That has to be the most uses of “y’all” I have seen in a very long time…

            Since when did I want him as a heel? He had the same heat when he was a face – go watch the night after WrestleMania last year. It is the worst kind of heat a performer can get. Why do you think WCW drew terrible ratings at the end? Why do you think no one cares about the WWE title at the moment?

            That’s the difference between heel heat and the kind of reaction Orton gets. People WANT to see a heel get beat up. People DON’T want to see Orton period.

            Orton “fanboys” are the funniest

          • TheBigKing1

            I can’t remember him getting heat like that when he was a face. He ALWAYS got a great pop. I was talking about most of the IWC clamored for him to turn heel…and he begged WWE management to do so for the longest…and he and others got their wish. But some of the same ones that wished for that and asked him repeatedly to turn(just to see a character change), actually started to dislike him. That’s what you call doing a good job as being a heel.
            And I’m not a fanboy. I just like and respect everybody. All the superstars and wrestlers earned my respect for doing what they do. The ones that are really cool people in real life, I tend to like. Orton is 1 of them…1 of many. Even the ones that I hear is somewhat of a douchebag or an ass or whatever, I still don’t hate on. But that’s just me. Maybe my maturity, and me growing more appreciative of the business as a whole, idk.

          • ron

            Sorry had to say it but you much not live in the south. Might not totally agree with the post but the use of “ya’ll” was fine. LOL

    • Joe Dee

      Richard – Excellent commentary about the CM Punk chants. What worries me is the possibility of a legend like Jake Roberts or Hulk Hogan getting microphone time and having to deal with fans chanting something random. It’s disrespectful and narcissistic. Of course, people have the right to chant what they want. But what you chant says a lot about your character and class … or lack thereof.

    • Snap

      There’s an even worse chant than the CM Punk chants… the “What” chant. I’ve gotta say, though, I loved it when Vince McMahon, while dealing with the chants, randomly said “If you’re an idiot, say what” and, predictably, the crowd chanted “what.”

      The problem, though, as evident by “What,” chants have a tendency to overstay their welcome to a significant degree. Just look at the “You screwed Bret!” chants, and people say BRET couldn’t just let it go.

      Here’s the thing, though, “CM Punk” chants now, especially in Chicago, are no different than the “ECW” chants back when ECW was alive and well. It would be like going to RAW and chanting “TNA” it does absolutely nothing for the company or whoever is in the ring at the time. So, how many people who are complaining about the Punk chants are people who chanted “ECW” during a WWF event?

  • Jay Coombes

    Richard I strongly disagree with you. I think the fans are chanting Punk’s name to voice their opinions that we don’t want to see Orton and Cena again and also have the most over rated wrestler I have ever seen in Batisita main event Wrestlemania. I think a Punk-Bryan match could have been huge but again we get the muscled up steroid head that hasn’t been around for 4 years instead. That is why the fans are chanting. No different than when they hijacked the show in Seattle for Bryan to show we don’t want Orton and Cena again.

  • Jay Coombes

    The information is that Punk walked out because he was upset with his match and that Batista was getting the main event. Punk has carried the company for the last 4 years and has never got his pay off. I think the fans are showing their support for Punk to management for what is also a product of bad booking. Say what you want but Orton has not been over at all. His match on Monday was his best in a while I like the crazy side he showed. Cena is so tired I don’t even have to about that. Batista is not worthy of walking back into a main event weeks after showing back up.

    • ron

      434 days as wwe champ wasn’t some level of payback over the last 4 years????

      • Jay Coombes

        It was until they hosed him and did Rock-Cena 2. Punk was so good in that run that they couldn’t even turn him heel fully because he was still so over. No matter what they tried people were still cheering for him. Kane comes up from under the ring and eliminates him in the Rumble? That is bad booking as it gets.

  • Thomas M.

    Bad News Barrett is an example of a gimmick being so terrible that it is actually good. I thought it was insanely stupid and boring when it first started, but now it is my favorite midcard segment each week. I go around my every day life saying “Can I have some decorum?” or “I’ve got some bad news!” in my worst British accent.

    It’s so bad that it is good!

  • _JIM_

    I think most fans that are chanting for Punk at live events are doing so because they want him back. Not to hijack the show. As long as fans are kept in the dark as to why and how he left. Fans that are not part of the IWC, which is by far the vast majority of fans, will continue to chant for him to be brought back. He is a big time fan favorite, and a huge part of the show, that is being seriously missed by the fans in a big way. The guy was WWE Champion for 434 days, I think, and carried the company through some times where there was a aerious lack of talent at the top of the card due to injuries. Only to be dumped on and thrown out of the main event picture completely. The only interesting thing he has gotten to do since losing the title was his programs with Heyman and his group, and his match with Lesnar. Even his program with Undertaker was horribley done. It seemed to be just thrown together at the last minute only to get Undertaker on the card for Wrestlemania. Even though their match was spectacular. The build was nowhere near long enough, and had very little story envolved with it. IMO it was thrown together to give Taker another win at Mania over a credible opponent. So much more could have, and should have, been done with that program. If you can even call it a program. So I totally understand why Punk left.

    • ron

      I wouldn’t call his program with the Shield second to any program going on now. They are the biggest fraction in WWE and if you ask anyone on here they are one of the biggest and over performers right now. So I don’t get how he wasn’t in main event matches, maybe not the belt but he had his run with it but he was in main events. The program might not have been booked perfectly but what program do we (IWC) think is right now. He left on his own decision and until he says why it is on him.

  • Kyle

    Wrestlemania 25 Main Event: HHH vs. Randy Orton (A match that had happened many times before and was a disappointment to end the show)

    If the Wrestlemania 30 Main Event is Batista vs. Randy Orton (Another match that has happened many times before) I feel it will be a HUGE disapointment to end the show.
    Anyone else agree?

    • just a question!

      Do you not think that Taker would end the show over that match?

      • Bob’s Diner

        Considering the only year he did was for Shawn Michaels’ last match… nope.

        • ?????

          I think what was meant here is that generally after EVERY epic Taker match each year the crowd ‘dies’ after being so involved in it they burn out so would it not go last knowing fans are already not high up on the potential Orton v Batista match? Thoughts?

          • Bob’s Diner

            Again, nope. WWE thought Batista was going to come back and be a huge star. But they forgot to share that plan with the fans. Now, instead of going ‘oops, we were wrong’ they are just going to push ahead and hope no one notices. I could be wrong, but I get the feeling winning the title at the main event of WrestleMania was part of their deal with Batista. Does Undertaker deserve to close the show? Absolutely. I agree with you that his matches take the wind out of the crowd and anything that follows will suffer for it. But I just don’t see them changing the plan at this stage.

  • real world

    it doesn’t matter what anybody think because at the end of the day Punk is the only person who knows why he left. as for the main event match, it doesn’t matter what people want because at the end of the day wwe fans are still gonna pay and attend to watch wrestlemania 30. If anybody wants to make a change join the creative team

  • Jimmy

    I disagree with the message that fans shouldn’t chant Punk. Ignoring whether or not fans are doing it to stick it to the man, how else would CM Punk know that the fans just want him back? He’s more over than both the guys who are apparently going to be in the WM WWE WHC Match but apparently they’re trucking right along anyway. The fans want one of the more entertaining guys back and no matter what other motivations fans have for chanting his name, the main thing is they want him back and they want him to know that just as much as they want Vince to know that.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    See’s CM Punk question. Sighs.
    See’s comments. Sighs.

    Seriously just stop.

  • Jay El Bee

    The WWE should just send out IWC favorites all night long and save the real stars and storylines for Smackdown that week. It would be kind of funny to watch the crowd CM Punk their way through 3 hours of TV involving nothing but guys like Bryan, Cesaro & Ziggler.

  • supercilious1

    The best thing WWE can do to counter the CM Punk chants is to overly use Daniel Bryan, and all other internet darlings for that matter. I would probably book Bryan in a gauntlet match that goes for about 30-40 minutes. Feature Fandango, Dolph Ziggler, The Shield, The Wyatts, etc.

  • DW

    Sigh…I hate to say this but I hate a good chunk of the questions you answered Richard. If people just searched on WNW or God forbid, use common sense on some of these questions. Sorry for the rage but this had to be said. Please, maybe google it or search WNW before you ask your terrible questions. I know you guys have better questions!

    • ron

      Not to answer for Richard but I think some of the questions are asked, selected and answered on here to spark and generate disscusion.

  • Robert Olley

    I hope it changes from lesnar v undertaker imo lesnar is just too physical in the ring and it would live up to the matches of the last 5 years. Plus i doubt lesnar would be happy to spend a week or so in Dallas to work the match out with taker.

  • John

    For the past few years on the RAW after WrestleMania the crowd have completely hijacked the show, most notably during the Orton/Sheamus match last year, and everyone loved it (myself included) so why is it ridiculous for the fans to chant for CM Punk? They pay for their ticket and have the right to chant whatever they like! The fact that WWE has resorted to turning off their mics to drown it out is pathetic!

  • monty

    yeh richard this is where you are wrong. If i paid money for wwe raw i can chant for whoever i want. There is a reason Raw after WM is so much fun, its because fans decide what’s gonna happen and who gets cheer or boos