Winter Says She'd Never Go Back To WWE; Says TNA Allows Her To Continue Acting Interests

The UK Sun has a new article online featuring quotes from Winter. In it, she echos a tone similar to Gail Kim in terms of her opinion of the Divas division in WWE. Below is an excerpt:

"I'd never go back to the WWE. I'm in a good place now and TNA allow me to continue my acting interests in LA. WWE don't let talent do that, TNA on the other hand let us pursue outside work and they see the benefit it brings to both of us."

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  • Zach folsom

    Wait,winter was in WWE before? I don't remember her at all.When was her stint or tenure?

    • Van

      she was Katie Lea Burchill.the reason you don't remember her in the WWE is because after her short rivalry with Mickie James in 2008,they didn't use her right.she made some appearances on RAW later that year then she & Paul went to ECW.after that & Paul were gone,Katie tried to impress the WWE with a vampire type gimmick but failed and spent almost the rest of her WWE career losing to the Bella Twins until her release in late April 2010

      • Blazeking

        Her last run in WWE was a "Scarlet Witch" gimmick. It's a damn shame WWE didn't use her or Paul correctly. They ruined Paul's ECW "Ripper" gimmick.

    • Nicholas Mcclain

      She was Katie Lea Burchill

  • Patrick_Peralta

    smart move Winter stay away from WWE.

  • thatguy

    of course they let you, they aren't paying anyone enough to hold them back from making money

  • havoc525

    So, ummm, what “acting” has she done?

  • Ian P.

    Yeah when you have a FULL time job in WWE, why would they let you go out. In TNA, what, you work only 8 days a month?

    • Blazeking

      You're forgetting the house shows.

  • mcflash

    Yes, WWE doesn't let anyone pursue acting interests. I, for one, have never heard of Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, The Rock, or John Cena doing any acting outside of WWE.

    • Blazeking

      Who else has got acting gigs besides them, Triple H, Edge, & Ted Dibiase Jr.? Exactly her point.

      • Frenchfry

        Kane and Orton also, so in the end thats a decent amout considering there are probably others also

        • HPK

          I believe She means doing movies that the "company" You work for doesn't try to take part in !!! All the movies and gigs that "current" WWE stars partake in are controlled By the company !!!

          • Marq

            Thank you for pointing this out! WWE wants control of any projects its workers pursue. All the wrestlers mentioned in the comments above either are or were at the very top of the company and have some control over what they can appear in (like HHH and Stone Cold) or appear in WWE’s crappy films (like Kane and Orton).

  • ted

    winter and gail and kurt angle are such hypocrites. it is so easy for a talent to say they will never go back to wwe when the reality is that wwe does not want them back anyway.

    gail left wwe just after she got engaged to a famous tv chef so she is set for life once she marries him and has his children. gail is nearly 35 years old and she had 2 bad runs in wwe so why would wwe rehire her when can hire an asian model in her 20's and train her to wrestle?

    winter did not stand out in her short wwe run and she is not a ratings draw so why would wwe "beg" her to rejoin the company?

    kurt angle is 43 years old and he has personal health and drug issues ever since he has been in tna.

    wwe fired angle in 2006 and he has not taken tna to the second level in the 5 years that he has been there. his body has shrunk while his ego is the size of king kong and he is a bold faced liar. whey would wwe rehire him?

    • HPK

      Kurt Angle left WWE due to "personal reasons" involving painkillers and just being tired of the WWE current product (He was part of the WWECW revival) and jumped to TNA !!! Katie Lea (now Winter) was released , after a sick storyline involving Her and Paul Burchill in an " incestuous " relationship !!!

  • TruHeel

    I don’t watch IW. I’m guessing this is Katie lea Burchill?

  • Louis

    Well she have ment they don’t let anyone that have no talent acting John have some(not much) and hope Triple H never act again so she must have been worst than him the reason they never let her.