WM29 Outcomes, Movie Trailers/Raw, Cesaro's Future, President Bully Ray

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Out of The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Undertaker who would you like to see go over the most at Wrestlemania?

All three are extremely difficult to book because of their part-time schedules. The Rock over John Cena hurts Cena, Undertaker over Punk gives no payoff and Lesnar over Triple H makes Hunter look weak. If I had to book one over at Wrestlemania next month I'd pick Lesnar. Lesnar is under contract for another two years and going over would give him a momentum boost for his next program. How do I think it will play out? Much to my chagrin, as of today, I see Undertaker over Punk, Hunter over Lesnar and Cena over Rock. Let's just hope they don't do Cena vs. Rock III in a grudge match at Wrestlemania XXX. WWE has changed the way they handle part-time talent as I have more online here at WWENews.net.

Do you think it'd be a good idea to cut the movie trailers and let Raw go back to being two hours? I saw more movie trailers on Raw than I did last time I went to see a movie at the cinema.

WWE is pushing their Studios division and are involved in "Dead Man Down" (now in theaters), "The Call" (in theaters Friday) and of course "The Marine 3," which was released on DVD on Tuesday. WWE Studios has been hemorrhaging money and the latest strategy is to partner with large budget films with established actors to make some profit. Let's also not forget WWE's partnership with Paramount Pictures to promote G.I. Joe Retaliation and Pain & Gain (both starring The Rock). That's your explanation for the movie trailers. As for Raw being three hours, it's all about the extra money WWE gets from the USA Network for an extra hour of TV. There was originally talk of doing another one-hour program prior to Raw but it was ultimately decided to extend Raw to three hours.

Antonio Cesaro reminds me a lot of Kurt Angle when he first debuted in WWE. What is his background? Did he come up thru the indy ranks, or did he start out overseas or something?

Antonio Cesaro was established on the United States independent circuit as a regular with Ring of Honor (as well as CHIKARA, CZW, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Pro Wrestling Noah). Cesaro under his real name, Claudio Castagnoli, quickly rose to prominence for his look, in-ring work and charisma on the stick. He's 32-years-old and WWE saw him as a "now or never" prospect. I personally see big things in his future and feel he's done an amazing job getting over as United States Champion.

Is Bully Ray the leader of Aces and Eights as the President?

Bully Ray was revealed as the President of Aces and Eights at Lockdown. I don't think anyone believes the "mystery is solved" with the faction but TNA is pushing Bully Ray as a main event singles performer. The fact he's now in Aces of Eight gives TNA the opportunity to also reunite Team 3D (there are already plans to do so over Wrestlemania weekend). Will he be the sole group leader or is there more evolution set to take place? We should find out more direction at this week's Impact tapings.

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  • Benjamin

    I’m not saying it should be this year, but when he’s ready to retire I think the streak should end and I have a funny feeling he will want it to as well, so many great superstars have ended their careers with a loss that I think he wil want to follow tradition. (wasn’t he going to lose to Kurt a few years ago or was that Angle being Angle?)… I personally just don’t see the point in him holding onto a streak that he’s not going to be able to defend in two or even three years time.

    • Frenchfry

      what? its a “‘tradition” to lose your last match?

      • Samson Simpson

        You retire on your back. Its been that way with top stars for quite some time now.

        • It depends on the performer and the size of their ego. Mark has a huge ego and has an old-school mentality that wrestling is real and losing would make him look weak and won’t go under unless the financial payoff is massive. You just have to LOOK at him to think he looks weak. He looks like an ageing drag queen! Someone like Jericho would much rather put someone else over.

          • Matt

            Know Taker personally do you?

        • search4theyeti

          flair, micheals, austin, foley, hart, Andre, etc

      • opie

        It is kind of a tradition…

      • Benjamin

        Yes, have you not been watching as recently as Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Steve Austin

  • opie

    I really wish they would’ve used that other hour for Tough Enough. That last season was excellent (even though the third or fourth best guy somehow managed to win the whole thing).

  • Chris

    Triple H and Cena should both go under, because they blow!

    • coolkdd1

      Also how would it hurt them if they lost. One cena will always get a title shot without earning it. Two hhh should have not battled lesnar in a rematch to begin with(rather had taker). 3 punk should not end the streak and would end up not doing much after wrestlemania seeing as how vince wants to keep him away from the wwe title for awile and not feuding with cena and plus is the type of wrestler that if he lose a big match,he can always get back up and be on top. One more thing does anyone know the 2 wrestlers that got bullied in tna last week?

      • No freebies

        You can find out who the two wrestlers are that got bullied in TNA by subscribing to a premium membership. The details for a premium membership can be found on the main site.

      • When you say that Cena hasn’t earned a title shot – are you saying that he doesn’t work hard? He doesn’t draw? He doesn’t sell merchandise? He gets arrested for DUI? He doesn’t show up to media bookings? He speaks poorly in media appearances so represents the company poorly? Or, do you think wrestling is real and that to earn a shot he has to beat somebody in a number one contenders match? Oh wait, hasn’t he done that?

        Also, if you want to know premium news stories then buy a premium subscription. Richard doesn’t work on this full time for free and pay all of the server/development costs out of his own pocket. Premium subscribers subsidise this website for everyone else.

        • coolkdd1

          I’m not saying none of those things,what I’m saying is that if he lost to the rock it would not hurt him and he will always stay on top no matter what. Plus some of the times like the rock,he doesn’t earn them by beating somebody like night of champions this past year. They had to talk punk into facing cena.

  • Cesaro has quickly become a favorite of mine for his unique way of combining traditional pro wrestling with a bit of a modern twist. Certainly beats seeing who can spin & twirl the most times while high-flying during a match.

  • More people need to watch independent wrestling like roh and dragon gate and theyd see some excellent talents lik kevin steen, young bucks, eddie edwards,arik cannon,sami calligan,jack ecvans the list goes on

  • Rob UK

    I like cesaro but he needs a better gimmick at the minute. The whole USA thing has been done a million times. Cena should beat the Rock, it should have never come to a rematch in the first place as Cena should have just won last year and WWE should have left it there. Lesner should beat hunter. Lesner has a new two year deal and having Hunter beat him wouldn’t make any sense. Even if trip losers dirty, Lesner should win. Taker and punk is a difficult one, I think the match has been put together to quickly anyway and doesn’t (yet) have the great build of HBK or HHH v taker. Should punk win? i dont know. I’m not against taker losing. In fact I think he should lose as father time is catching up with him and how maina more wrestlemaina’s does he have in him? But should it be Punk? As much as I think WWE should use the streak to push someone to the moon, I don’t see punk being around for more than a 2 or 3 years. So I think it would be wasted on him, all punk has to do its drop some real life pipe bombs again and his popularity willl shoot through the roof.

  • John, Taker, HHH to win.