WWE Concerned With Fandango, Why Chris Jericho Is Working As Many WWE Dates As Possible, Details On The Top WWE Star That Went To Bat For Curtis Axel, Midcarder Getting Pushed, Dolph Ziggler's Health, Orton Closer To Turning Heel?, Reason Antonio Cesaro's Push Was Halted

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Sorry for the delay on these. I was out of the office on Thursday and have been playing catch-up. Backstage news from WWE Raw…

- There is some concern over Fandango and not for reasons one may think. We're told WWE officials are satisfied with his work but he's developed a bit of an ego backstage. However, we are told that officials continue to be impressed with his commitment to his character and feel he is in better shape each week.

- Chris Jericho has openly said one of the reasons he's working as many dates as he can is because he wants to help "make" someone a star.

- We're told one of the many reasons for the push of Curtis Axel is strong support from The Rock. Rock put him over backstage big time during his most recent run, saying he feels Axel has what it takes to be a major star.  As previously noted, Rock trained one-on-one with Axel to help prepare for his matches.

- There are still plans to push Daniel Bryan following a program with Kane.  I would assume the program is built off Team Hell No being unable to recapture the WWE Tag Team Championship but this has been talked about since the beginning of March, much like the title reign of The Shield.

- We didn't hear anything new regarding Dolph Ziggler backstage at WWE Raw. He's scheduled to be examined this week if he hasn't been seen already.

- Randy Orton has discussed a heel turn with WWE officials for months but we are told there still isn't a clear path to turn him.

- We can confirm there was a lack of support for Antonio Cesaro backstage with some feeling he came across as bland. We're told it's Vince McMahon that has toned him back but Triple H is still behind him and he's working with what he's given. My source feels he's going to be OK in the long run.

  • Scorchy

    What a shock! Old man Vince doesn’t get Cesaro. Cesaro has what it takes to be a throwback bad ass power house, but we can’t have that! At the least, bring in Ohno to reform the Kings of Wrestling as a possible feud with the Shield. I guess Cesaro needs to bone up on his dance moves if he ever hopes to get a push.

  • Patrick

    Vince is loseing it if he thinks Cesaro is bland. I guess he has not seen Cesaro’s work in ROH and other indy promotions the guy is very talented and is not bland. maybe Vince needs to stop being so stubborn and let the wrestlers who he signs Use the character’s they have developed on the indy scene and that got them over in the WWE instead of changing their character’s just because he didn’t come up with the idea.

  • Patrick

    that got them over in the first place with the fans and allow them to use those character’s in WWE. ^

  • Xavier

    Curtis Axel is actually a Rocky guy not a Heyman guy.

  • A few things, This article I thought way great as we got at least 7 stories. Rather than 2 that I think makes the money worth it.
    I think Jericho was asked to stay a little longer cause he knew guy’s like Rock, Lesnar, Triple H & Undertaker was going off TV again & CM Punk having a time out & Ziggler injured. Jericho is there for star power & he is making the most of it to create stars, so this don’t happen often.
    Curtis Axel is a Triple H guy & will get pushed. Mr Perfect helped push Triple H to the IC Title in 1996. So I think this is Triple H giving back to Mr Perfect.

  • Winnipeg

    Finally I’m not the only one that says Antonio Cesaro is bland. Just as bland as Wade Barrett, Randy Orten, and Jack Seagger with out Zeb Colter. Thank you!

    • Winnipeg


  • Nostaljack

    Ego? Fandango? Say it ain’t so. Surely he knows where that leads. Hopefully, he’ll calm down and realize that he’s finally living his dream. I’d hate to see him humbled after such a short time.

    • Abdulrahman

      It’s all part of the act 🙂

  • adam

    I have not seen Cesaro’s work in ROH but anything that he has done in the WWE has been boring and has not made me a fan of his at all

  • f_caus

    Cesaro should have been paired with Heyman instead. That definitely would have put him over.