WNW Premium Mailbag - 30-Man Royal Rumble Match Participants, Sting's TNA Contract; How Close He Was Going To WWE Last Year, Brock Lesnar & Lashley Return Possibilities, Why Cena Isn't Touched, MITB At Wrestlemania, Jericho A Heel

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  • Big D

    I was talking about the Rumble with one of my friends earlier today, and the only name we could come up with is Sheamus.

  • LeftyTosser

    Why do folks ask about Sting going to WWE? He has said on more than one occasion that he would not work for VKM. Let it go folks, ain't gonna' happen.

    • Chapinb0yy

      i know people are so damn anoying when they ask for the samething knowing it ain’t/cant happen.

  • Jason

    About the contract for Sting, I believe he signed in February, which means it would be up next month. This would leave time for him to sign with WWE and be in Mania. The latest I could see his contract being up is March, which would still be enough time.

  • Kleck

    What I don’t understand is why it “ain’t/can’t” happen? Obviously it nearly did happen last year and it obviously can happen again this year. Just because a performer said on other occasions that they will or will not do something doesnt mean if the right offer and set of circumstances came up that that person wouldn’t make a change. It was worth a discussion and elaboration.