WNW Premium Mailbag - Obtaining Front Row Tickets, Mark Henry & Batista And Why Batista Will Be Back In WWE One Day, Artificial Crowd Noise Inserted?, Zack Ryder's Title Loss, What People Backstage Think Of Cena, Me & Colt Cabana, Beth Phoenix

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  • Hitman310

    I had the opposite reaction from the crowd noise section of this mailbag. On monday when Brodus Clay came out for his match he got a really good pop but when i got home and watched the match on TV you couldnt here the crowd reaction as much…

  • Punker79

    Thanks for answering my question Richard, helpful as always

  • Rob S.

    I think the difference between the two title changes is simple. Teddy Long, a babyface authority figure, made the first decision and did the right thing. The second decision was made by John Lauranaitis, a heel authority figure, who gave the snarky, sarcastic "my bad" response.

  • kurt

    You wont tell me a legit doc note that's in an envelope like that one was isn't clearly marked on the envelope with the doctors name, hospital/office address. It would be obvious what it was and from whom. If your "legal council" hands you an envelope, especially one that they implied Johnny Ace was expecting, you would look at it immediately. If you want it have a "real" feel to the programming, there should be something done about obvious irresponsibilty such as this. Triple H was ousted for making it a "dangerous" workplace. What about Ace for crap like this? I really hope he isnt named the permanent GM

    • urnemystic

      You do know this is scripted and none of this is real right? Its peoiple that overanalyze stories and backstage asgments are killing a businees that used to revolve around in-ring competition.