WNW Premium Mailbag - Michael Cole's Character & WWE's Announce Philosophy, Ric Flair's Friendship With Hulk Hogan, How John Laurinaitis Has So Much Stroke Despite Sour Relationships With WWE Higher-Ups, Angle's Olympic Journey, Cena Booked To Look Weak?, Dolph Ziggler's Future, Backstage Word On Two Awesome Raw Bouts

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  • @RatedMKD

    In regards to the streak, I've said this before, but I think that the only people worthy of ending the streak are the guys who don't need it. No point in giving it to an up-and-comer. Imagine if the likes of Lesnar, Lashley or Kennedy ended the streak? Talk about a waste! The likes of Triple H and Kane are too late into their career to benefit from ending the streak. The only two candidates at this point in time are, in my opinion, Cena and Orton: two guys who are so massively over and established in concrete that the rub would probably be wasted on them. As a result, the only logical conclusion I can come to is that the streak unquestionably remains in tact.

    Also, in regards to the argument of a rising star getting a rub solely from being part of the streak… can anyone honestly cite any legit prior examples? The only one I can think of is Orton at WM21, but even then, I don't really consider him. He was a former world champion at that point, but it was two and a half years before he won his second top title. Admittedly, his behaviour backstage was a contributing factor, but as much as people raved about that Chokeslam-into-an-RKO counter, I think that the loss hampered his momentum in the long run.

  • Nails

    Thanks for answering my question on Angle's Olympic journey. I asked this mainly because I'm very excited and looking forward to him competing. I hope he does!