WNW Premium Mailbag - Sheamus "Main Eventing" Wrestlemania XXVIII, Randy Orton's Plans For April, Possibility Of WWE Extending "The Streak" & Who WWE Wants As Undertaker's Opponent Next Year, John Laurinaitis' Future On Raw Supershow, WWE PPVs In The UK, WWE Still PG With Hunter In Charge?, Plans For Jericho vs. Punk

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The 224th installment of the WNW Premium Mailbag is complete and is now online for your listening enjoyment! Today's Premium Mailbag features questions that were sent from Wednesday, February 1st to today. To submit your question for a future installment of the Premium Mailbag, click here.

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  • @RatedMKD

    Some PPVs are broadcast for free on Sky Sports, maybe half of them, give or take. Seems to be the majority are broadcast on Sky Box Office, which has to be paid for. Sky Sports (which also broadcasts Raw and Smackdown) in of itself is an additional subscription service. This is why TNA (both Impact Wrestling and their PPVs) offers the only free wrestling programming available in the UK.

    • Jaryd

      TNA isn't exactly free though just free-er than WWE, you still need basic cable to see it on… Challenge is it on now?

  • @RatedMKD

    Also, I like your quip about WWE now marketing "even the dog". They actually have licensed dog collars on sale on their website. Totally want to get a Best in the World collar for my mutt!

  • MPXTheChoice

    National holiday? Please, Richard…let's not do that…