WWE Bringing Back Past PPVs, Vince McMahon A Workaholic, Heat Between CM Punk & Randy Orton; Details On Punk Being A Vocal Critic Of Orton's Wellness Failure, Daniel Bryan Better Than Everyone Else?, The X Symbol, Kharma's Return To WWE, Triple H The Next Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis Losing Backstage Stroke, 2012 MITB Matches

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  • Hitman310

    they should bring back the PPV IN YOUR HOUSE.

    • drobertson


      • Matt Scott

        Don't get it. Why is the initial comment liked, but then someone agreeing gets negatived?

    • _JIM_

      Weren’t all of their PPV’S called “In Your House”? I thought it was just a generic name that they gave to all of their PPV shows before they came up with the idea of branding them all something different. Though WCW did that first I do believe.

      • Jaryd

        I think it started off as all the PPVs that weren't one of the big 4 were called In Your House… then they were called In Your House: (insert PPV name) then they just dropped the In Your House part.

  • Sean512

    Wasn’t the very first in your house when they gave away a house?? Wasn’t it like 93ish???? Back when Todd pettingil was the broadcaster?? I know they did a raffle of some sort an gave away a house in north Carolina was it?? Anyone remember?

    • TruHeel

      Believe it was may 1995.. Diesel and Sid main evented

  • robert

    this is why i like you…, Daniel Bryan right now is the best wrestler in the world with kurt angle hurt and not being in the spotlight. i been commenting about this since bryan been in wwe getting ignored on raw for some reason