Jealousy Backstage In WWE Over Air Time For Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, Illogical Broken Arm Angle, WWE Updates on PAC & Sara Del Rey, More On The Social Media Ambassadors On Raw, John Cena's Comments To CM Punk, Lack Of Crowd Reactions

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  • Daarko

    I actually read that Cena DID go off script and ended up causing confusion etc. By leaving the segment to early apparently to show that he’s unhappy with the state of his character and wants to tweak it. Could you confirm or reject that statement if you get the time as the week goes on, Richard?

    • karlos

      Any truth to this Richard???? Ive read the same thing…..

      • Richard Gray

        No truth to that. 100% scripted

  • Schneids

    Cena is the man. Plain and simple. All people say is how they wish Cena were more edgy and not so PG. So he gives a bit of a more edgy promo to further along what will most likely be an entertaining storyline and now people are saying he is being arrogant. What do people want from the guy? I for one am looking forward to the progression of this storyline.