Vince McMahon, Sr. In The WWE HoF, Belts I Own, Dean Ambrose Update, Ricardo Rodriguez Can Work (Or At Least Bump!), WWE Stars That Are Friends & Travel Together, Plans For The Rock & Brock Lesnar At Wrestlemania, Del Rio Not Around For The Long Haul?, Where's Christian?, TNA Stars To WWE

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  • Stephen

    LA absolutely got suckered into taking on that enormouse contracts. Happy the Redsox were able to clear that large amount of money. Good luck to your Dodgers Richard, they'll need it with Beckett.

    • Richard Gray

      Well first and foremost I'm a Braves fan but the Dodgers have become my West Coast team because I needed a team I could watch on the regular (Braves games conflict with Raw, Impact and Smackdown)… I know it looks like a scary amount of money to commit but their TV deal is going to be in the billions. If anything, it's going to be a fun show to watch!

      • Stephen

        It was fun watching AGon in Boston for the past two years. That was the only part of the trade I really hated at first. Then after a day of so after my emotions settled down I relized he had to go in order to dump the contracts of Beckett and Crawford. Crawford is another guy I didnt want to see go but knew he had be traded so he can get a fresh start. Gonna be interesting to see what the Sox pull off this off season with the amount of money they have now.

      • Bigdaddychuck

        Richard.. If you had to pick an opponent for the Rock at wrestlemania for the title who would you pick out of these men. Cena Austin Brock Undertaker or Punk?

        • hurrigame

          How about Brundertaker or Stone Cold Steve Lesnar? Punk Brock? CM Taker? Anyone but Super Cena?

        • Richard Gray

          I think I do Rock vs. Brock. It's a match that will draw without hurting any current WWE stars.

  • themcdangler

    Great audio richard. I’m a new member and I am very happy with my subscription

    • Richard Gray

      Welcome. We are happy to have you.

  • sam

    my prediction for wrestlemania personally is…. going to be Rock vs Cena rematch… and Lesnar and Taker…

    Reason being that with Rock facing champ at royal rumble it will be more then likely that Punk will be champion and lose to the rock… Rock will then face John cena at mania… and Cena will go over the Rock to take the title back off him…

    As for Lesnar and Taker . What else is there for Taker to prove at mania as it ll be hard to get someone as good as HHH to face him.