Street Fights, Why We Don't Buy Ryback In The Main Event, Heat Between John Cena & Vince McMahon, Kane's Character A Slap In The Face?, AJ Lee As Raw General Manager Hasn't Worked, The Next Cena, New Features Coming To WNW, Plans For Wade Barrett

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  • Bigdaddychuck

    Richard you make me laugh. The whole who is the next John Cena bit.. They said it about hogan Austin michaels and Hart and Rock. When Cena first came in no one thought he would be where he is today. I think with ryback is was more of a tease than anything. He isn’t no where like Goldberg. Goldberg was built up correctly but also there were a lot more wrestlers to go through than there is now. They did choke on those names you mentioned but they also didn’t get over either. As for AJ I blame booking and creative because they could make her and Punk have a big feud. I could see that happening. I would still love to see a live raw blog as the ppv blogs are so entertaining

  • Hazmatt23

    Snifsky couldn't get over…but it's NOT HIS FAULT. I'm going to go punt a baby now…

  • Gesusoliver

    This is a really negative sounding mailbag, shoot if you will. Sadly I agree 100% with you.

    • Zack

      Agreed this sounded like a very angry mailbag for some reason

  • Laxolly1988

    Im a massive kane fan but i have to agree with you. I would love to see monster kane back torturing people like he did in the past and also winning championships but sadly if im honest he is only a mid card talent and its a shame as he did have all the right reasons to be a top guy but could never push it to that standard.

    With regards to the next Cena i dont think there will be another Cena. He does so much for the company and he is different to what we have seen before. I think to look for the next guy we cant compare them to him. Like we cant compare Rock to other superstars or Austin. There one of a kind just like Cena. The next top guy could be the opposite of Cena and take the company in a different direction who knows?

  • Ranfery25

    Richard awesome Mailbag! And The second to last question’s response Was hilarious ! Haha and I compleatly Agree! Those Other Sites Can’t Compare to WNW! And Once again this mailbag was awesome! Thank You!

  • proud

    You sounded cranky, I hope all is well but you still delivered mate

  • Miss Paula – USA

    You are appreciated too, Sir Richard:)

  • Evon Reese

    This was one of the most honest Mail Bags I've heard in a long time. It seems today's WWE workers are relying to heavily on the writers to develop their characters and when they get to a certain point they are lost and don't know how to branch out further on their own or how to develop their characters further. They don't understand you can just reach a certain point riding on others coat tails and they have to learn how to carry a show on their own. I would not buy a PPV to watch Punk Bryan or any of the others without a major super star in it . i think you may be right that Punk has peaked. He built his career on being the underdog and how he doesn't get any respect. We are all very aware now of the no respect thing. After awhile it just gets old, tired and boring. Personally I think he's held the title too long. At a certain point it's like enough already. The writers should have known how much everyone ragged on Cena and calling him Super Cena it was going to turn out the same for Punk. The constant crying , pi$$ing and moaning is really starting to be a turn off. If they could just understand to move on and up and to keep fans interested you've gotta change it up unless you are the Undertaker. But I don't see any Undertakers in what we have now. I think they look at The Rock and want the fame he has. Rock is an exception. He really does sell in the movie theaters. He just has that something special going for him. Cena can't even sell movies like The Rock. The WWE wrestlers we have now needs to just worry about selling tickets to their show and higher TV ratings because I doubt if the fame Rock has acquired will ever happen to them. Sad but true. I think Slater and Ryder gets it. They are working very hard to Improve themselves. They are hilarious on twitter and the new stable with Slater and McIntyre is going to be interesting.

  • Wayne

    The photos are nice.