Loading Wrestlemania Up For Success, Mid-Card Opportunities In WWE, Giving Ryback Credit, The Biggest Story We've Broke, More On Last Week's WWE Ratings Debacle, Discussing What Happened With CM Punk & Who Is First To Blame, Why JR Is Only A Replacement, Relationship With Other Publications

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The 263rd installment of the WNW Premium Mailbag is complete and is now online for your listening enjoyment! Today's Premium Mailbag features questions that were sent from Wednesday, October 3rd to today. To submit your question for a future installment of the Premium Mailbag, click here.

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  • Fernando

    Why have I felt you were talking at a slower pace than usual, Richard?

  • LeftyTosser

    Richard, I know this question has been asked before, but why not type out this same information for those of us that don't want to take the length of time it takes to listen to it? It takes roughly 15 – 20 minutes to listen and I could read the things that are important to me in 3 minutes. I know it might take a few minutes longer to type it rather than go off notes, but it sure would make things more user friendly for your subscribers. How bout helping us out here. Time is money for both of us!

    • PainOfDemise

      Because the whole point of this is so he doesn't have to type it all out. That's what the other ask WNW is for. This is so he can answer a lot more questions easier than typing everything out and formatting it and spell check.

  • proud

    Richard had talked at a slower pace for the past 3 mailbags.

    As for what I’d like to see happen, Kane sacrifices himself to help Daniel Bryan win Royal Rumble and he goes on to face Dolph Ziggler for World Heavyweight title. We’ve seen these guys go at it and it should sell as well as any mid card wrestlemania match, but could be an excellent opener!

  • justin_schroeder

    I personally enjoy listening to it. It allows Richard to answer questions more in depth. One option I would suggest is to have both. Although the name slips my mind, I know Microsoft sells a program that translates audio into a written, typed format. It is mostly used for students but may come in handy in situations like this.

    • LeftyTosser

      Justin, I enjoy the youtube with audio sometimes, but I can just read a lot faster and skip the stuff that doesn't hit a chord with me.

  • Pluto

    Like I've said before, Punk is not a #1 and him hitting fans is one of the reasons why. And I haven't even mentioned he's often unprofessional behavior on twitter most of the time. It's never okay too strike fans and no matter how much Punk fans will try too pass the buck on someone else the fault relies on him and him alone and he should be suspeneded

    • Evon Reese

      @Pluto I totally agree. But on this forum nothing can be Punks fault. They make Raw the CM Punk hour and the ratings nose dive but that's not Punks fault it's the writers LOL. Punk humiliates fans and picks on little kids and its the fans fault or the parents fault because they brought kids to the show. Cena and Vince show up and the ratings improve and it's all about Punk. Maybe Vince will open his eyes now. Punks a classless jerk.

      • robert

        he's a heel, he's suppose to do that, but he doesn't touch or hit fans, and i don't blame him people are jackasses, touching him and one tried to grab his title to try to sale on ebay. as a heel he's trying to get people to hate him but when they make physical contact then it's self-defense. if he's nice on twitter and in person he wouldn't be believable as a heel.

  • darxed

    Richard, with all due respect, maybe you wouldn't have so much trouble answering all the questions that the people send you if you didn't take 2 minutes off every mailbag explaining why you couldn't answer every question. Also, I second what LeftyTosser said, I'd like a written mailbag too.

  • The Game

    We have no way of telling with Ryback is ready or not until we see him in 20 minute matches and we see him in more programs. I'm still reserving judgement on Ryback

  • Austin 3:16

    McMahon did an amazing job of carrying Punk last night. For the first time in a long time I actually gave a shit about something Punk was doing. McMahon can still get it done.

  • DeJaun

    Punk is a complete jackass, there is no way around it. The WWE needs to do the right thing and take the title off of him. No excuses for hitting a fan. I guess that whole crybaby hear me cry like a bitch about getting no respect gimmick that Punk has isn't really a gimmick. Richard you hit the nail on the head, Punk is suppose too be a professional but he often times acts like a ass.

  • outkazt09

    I don’t want to live in this planet anymore.

  • John

    I agree with Lefty Tosser!

  • Boothmonkey

    Also if we listen often enough we know how to submit questions, gets a bit dull every time you record it

    • Simon Veitch

      Yeah but he does this since every day there are new people checking out the site and new premium members subscribing who are listening to their first mailbag. Just think of it like opening credits for your fav show, you know what the heck your watching but some idiot out there doesn't 🙂

  • Richard Gray

    The WNW Premium Mailbag is done in audio to give me an opportunity to give you as much information as I can on a particular topic. This cannot always be accomplished in written format. Further, I already do a written Q&A 5 days a week in Ask WNW. There have been occasions where I answer Premium Mailbag questions in written format and post them on Richard's Backstage Blog but I like breaking the content up with some audio.

    As for the monotony of explaining how to submit questions and the housekeeping notes, this happens at the beginning and end of each segment. You can skip through this if you are a routine listener. We get a lot of new signups each day so I want to be clear so everyone can use the feature to their enjoyment.

    Thanks everyone for your comments and for your support of WNW Premium!

    • robert

      Do your thing or as some people on here would say you're thing. Punk isn't that bad.. He's a heel and is just living the life as a heel, if he's nice and professional then he wouldn't be believable as a bad guy. He probably should not have went after a fan, but he was walking through the crowd and they were grabbing him and trying get his title, that stuff would get old after awhile.