Looking At WWE After Linda McMahon's Failed Senate Attempts, CM Punk vs. The Rock At Royal Rumble, Where's Jay Lethal?, Seniority's Impact On WWE Pay, Overhauling Survivor Series, Time For WWE To Pay Up For Steve Austin?

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  • Evon Reese

    Not even Stone Cold could get me interested in Punk again. I would love to see him against someone else though. Daniel Bryan would be a great opponent for him

  • Jay Lethal is gonna be in Metuchen, NJ at the Metuchen Sports Complex wrestling for my friends' fed, UWA. Check them out on facebook. Also on the card will be Marty Jannetty. Should be a good show come watch!

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Richard and the iwc the wwe corporate employees have health insurance just so everyone knows.. But I do want to say the mcmahons get a bad rap but they do alot in terms of charity and helping others… They do give alot and no one ever brings it up…

    • Snap

      It's good the McMahons are involved in charity as well as helping present and former contracted talent with rehab expenses, but when the foundation of their fortune was built upon the talent who performed in the ring for so many years, they work around calling them actual WWE "employees" and rather "independent contractors" so they don't have to provide them with any benefits such as health insurance yet they practically own them while under contract, dictating what they can and can't do.

      While it's great the corporate employees have health insurance, are they the ones on the road almost non-stop through-out the year, getting into the ring 300+ days out of the year while suffering injuries and requiring various medical procedures, or at risk of losing their jobs because the overworked creative team can't think of any way to utilize them? With how much John Cena is touted as the biggest draw in WWE and WWE being resistant to giving him time off, what would they do if they wore him out to the point where he suffered a major injury prior to WrestleMania?

      The McMahons need to change the business again and actually start caring for their talent whose careers could be cut short by a freak accident. Who knows, maybe there's something which could have been done to detect something was off about Benoit if there was some sort of health initiative. I'm not saying WWE should have done more, as a lot of it comes down to an individual's choice what they do to their body through-out their life.