Why WWE Isn't Signing TNA Talent & How The Use Of Ric Flair Was Risky, Latest Update On Christian, Thoughts On Brad Maddox, Evaluating Big E Langston's Skill Set, The Future Of The WWE Main Event Picture & Is McMahon Returning To His Roots?

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  • cas308psu

    Seems like Maddox is getting a heel version of the 1 2 3 kid push.

  • TruHeel

    Thanks once again for answering my question Richard

  • //E.K33

    Nope! I'm not getting worked, I didn't like Punk when he was a face either. I've always felt he was overrated, even more overrated the John Cena

    • Gary

      Then you're insane.

      • //E.K33

        Nope, I'm just not a mark like you who believes that Punk is actually the best in the world

  • jtee

    Brad Maddox just reminds me of The Brian Kendrick

  • Gary

    He's not the longest reigning title holder in company history. Its longest reigning of the modern era. Unl;ess you're counting WWF as a diff entity than WWE.

  • AB4

    I don't know that it's fair to say that someone is being worked if they're not high up on what's happening with Punk lately. I think to some extent, we have the inverse of what happened with John Cena during his first long reign. He was a Boring Invincible Hero, now Punk is something of a Boring Invincible Villain. It works a little better because we're meant to hate and boo the character, but it's problematic nevertheless.

    The problem isn't with Punk though, it's with how his opponents are booked and presented. In his book, Bret Hart noted that in one of the promos before his Wrestlemania 12 match against Shawn Michaels, HBK was scripted to outwit him at every turn during the interview, with his words having a much greater impact. I feel that's become an issue with Punk's opponents too, they're too often made to look like goofs.

    Take the infamous Jerry Lawler skit a month or so back. Punk (in-character) completely runs down The King, mocking him in a blur-the-lines promo. King gets a one line feeble comeback which Punk immediately shoots down, then Mick Foley comes out and cuts an over-the-top corny and emotional promo, which Punk also shoots down rather easily. It would've been much better if Foley or someone else came out to confront him, tried to lay a beating on him only for him to escape up the ramp, playing up the cowardly heel role to massive heat.

    If Punk's going to drop his pipe bombs, his opponents can't go out there armed with BB guns. But that's how it's being booked. Punk gets the better of his opponents on the mike, he gets the better of them in the ring (one way or another) and keeps his title. It's becoming a familiar tale and as good as he is on the mike, his promos are starting to get a bit repetitive too. Going back to another historical example, WCW did the same thing with the nWo angle. The nWo just ran roughshod over the WCW contingent for too long, made them look bad and ultimately, not a credible threat.

    People often say they miss the Attitude Era. While I think most of us miss the "edge" the programming had and the lack of kiddie corniness, I think an underrated element was the balance between faces and heels. That's what's been lacking in the past decade: it's been a heel wrestler or GM getting away with too much, or Cena overcoming the odds time and time again.

    I say don't blame Punk, on the whole his work in all areas is fine to say the least. Blame the material he has to work with and the way his opponents are booked. Of course, that still leaves the door open to be dissatisfied with the current product without being a mark.

    • Gary

      If you don't think Punk hasn't been booked as a cowardly heel enough, then you haven't been watching. That, to me, has been the biggest problem with his character…its too much of a coward and it lacks creativity to always make the villain a simple coward. Why can't the villain actually have belief in himself instead of the constant carbon copy coward villain?

      • AB4

        I feel you've zeroed in on that part of my comment and misunderstood what I'm trying to get at. My feeling is there just hasn't been enough balance nor variety in the way the angles have played out. It seems they're in a holding pattern until they can do Punk/Rock at the Rumble next month. I don't think Creative are utilising Punk or anyone he's matched up against in a way that's all that interesting right now, or at least not as interesting as he was last year or shortly after his heel turn this year.

        I never said that he hadn't been booked cowardly enough. In fact, that's a good example of the problem, we keep seeing the same act and scenarios with too little variation. However, if that's the angle they want to take on his character, I feel that would've been a better way to handle that particular segment. But in general though, the stuff they're doing with Punk just doesn't feel very fresh or interesting to me, compared to some of the really good stuff they've done previously. I'm guessing I'm not alone there and I think that's why a lot of people are down on Punk/the current product, more so than they're being worked.

        Too much "same old, same old" while they wait for The Rock to make his return and turn the heat up on that feud.

      • Pluto

        Tht's my whole beef with Punk as of late. In the summer of 2011 he was booked as Anti Hero Babyface who didn't take ISH from anybody and wasn't afraid too speak his mind too anybody or get in the ring with anybody, his whole gimmick was based on "not playing politics". In a way he was booked a militant babyface similar too Austin. Even as a heel in 09 as the leader of the SES he embodied most of the qualities I listed above. This version of Punk we are getting now is more like the Miz we got in 2011 we can't win a match clean. He even hides behind Paul Heyman. There is nothing innovative about his current gimmick. There really isn't anything new with him that we haven't seen 1000x before with other heels. And it's a shame really b/c everything started off with such promise and it appeared that Punk was on his way too launching a new era in wrestling on that epic day of June 27th, 2011.