A Lesson In Not Getting Worked, The Spirit Squad, Bob Backlund's Hall Of Fame Status, John Cena Heel Turn?, Zack Ryder's Frustration, Why Top Names Are The Wrestlemania 29 Undercard

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  • Nick

    I’m sure on an episode of legends of wrestling they said Backlund would decline any invitation for the HoF until he believed his career in the ring was over.

  • Josh

    I honestly believe they strapped Del Rio so it could make Dolph taking the strap more believable, having him cash in on Del Rio as opposed to Big Show…just a thought

    • Gary Robert

      If its done right, where the guy who is cashing in does so b/c of an opportunity, it shouldn’t matter who it is and who he goes over. (ie. Daniel Bryan over Big Show). Big Show losing the strap b/c something happens where he gets knocked out is more believable than Del Rio actually going over him in however they booked it for Friday night.

  • Nostaljack

    Audio note: Adobe Audition is a very intensive program. Not a good idea to tax it with anything else while recording. This one had issues. Just an FYI.