Wrestlemania 29 Plans For Brock Lesnar Revealed, Booking The Shield On PPV, Cena Heel Turn As Big As Hogan?, The "Passing Of The Torch," Major WWE Network Update & How One Big Deal Could Mean Immediate Launch, Leader Of Aces & 8s, Why I Dislike Doing Interviews, Vince Russo

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  • Kleck

    It’s wasn’t a loaded question Richard. Yesterday I was going through some of the RF shoots on Their YouTube page and one with Russo was fun to listen to. Tammy Sytch also had an interesting one considering her recent outbursts.

    • Are the RF Shoot interviews produced by Kayfabe Commentaries or is that different?

      • Jeff

        I’m having trouble getting any sound on my iPhone or iPad. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

      • Nick

        Loved the jim cornette episode of Kayfabe, that guy always pulls off a great interview!

      • Kleck

        From further research, it seems they are two very different entities. The majority of opinion of Kayfabe Commentaries is that it is much better quality than that of RF. The question are hard hitting and direct with KC. I was satisfied with RF because I’ve never listened to a shoot interview before. I’ll definately check out KC.

        • Yeah check out Kayfabe Commentaries, some real funny stuff.

  • Gary Robert

    So,will this be the Hunter who knew that having Cena go over Lesnar hurt the long term story line with him and thus put himself under Lesnar the next time out for the sake of the company or will this be the Hunter whose ego gets the best of him and wants to go over at WM and thus giving Lesnar two losses already in limited appearances?

    • James

      He already lost to Lesnar at summerslam, you must be a huge fan of the business. He lost at SS to make Lesnar look stronger after the loss to Cena at extreme rules. So great comment genius!!!!!!

  • Pluto

    Cena/Ryback/Sheamus will & should go over The Sheild, simple as that. A lose too the Sheild here won’t hurt them, With Cena, Ryback, Sheamus, Bryan, Kane, Big Show, Punk, ADR, Orton, Ziggler, Mysterio & the part timers Lesnar, Rock, Jericho, Taker being at Mania it’s highly unlikely thar they will even be on the card therefore a win at EC for The Sheild serves no purpose. The guys headlining Mania need too win too go into Mania looking strong. That’s common sense so anyone who’s complaining that the Sheild needs too win doesn’t really have a basic understanding of wrestling.
    I wouldn’t go as far as too say A Cena heel turn would be as big as Hogan turning heel but it would easily be a bigger deal then Austin turning heel for a bunch of reasons
    1. The Austin heel turn was poorly excuted by booking, the timing of his heel turn would of worked 1000x better if it had happened a year earlier or a year (unfortunately he missed WM16 due too injury so that was out of the question)…….
    The reason why Austin’s heel run ultimately flopped was b/c the landscape of everything else going on in the WWE wasn’t lined up properly for his turn too be successful. Rock left a day after Mania for the entire spring and most of the summer too film movies, Foley was retired at the time, & HHH got hurt shortly thereafter leaving no one too fill Austin’s void as a top babyface. Don’t get me wrong, as good as RVD, Jericho & Angle were that year they simplly aren’t top draws as a face and couldn’t feel that void. They turned Angle face in order for Austin too have someone too feud with but let’s be honest here, Angle as a face seemed so forced, Angle is so much better as a heel

  • Pluto

    One reason why Vince has been reluctant too turn Cena heel is for the same reasons why I listed why Austin’s heel turn flopped. They simple haven’t been able too find someone who is big enough of a draw too fill his shoes. In other words the landscape hasn’t been right for it. And that’s were Ryback comes into play. If Ryback can prove that he can sell merchandise, do the make a wish appearances, be a locker room leader and draw in the long run then we may finally get that long awaited heel turn from Cena. And if gus like Sheamus & ADR continue too stay over then with Ryback and with Sheamus & ADR as the 2nd & 3rd top babyfaces in the pecking order and with Rock being involved (albait part time) and Punk as a tweener they may finally have guys too fill that void. I actually think that a Cena heel turn will come within this next year.
    If Bret Hart can return too the WWE and forgive HBK
    If Rock & Lesnar can comeback
    if Bruno finally except being Inducted into the HOF
    Then there is no reason NOT too believe that a Cena heel turn will happen. It’s gonna happen eventually folks so just be patient and remember that what made Hogan’s turn so successfull was the fact that he was the ultimate good guy for so long that people always expected him too do the right thing which in turn made his turn more shocking and memorable. Same can be said for a future Cena heel turn.