WNW Premium Mailbag - Backstage Beef With Undertaker, Why Brad Maddox Blew It, WWE vs. TNA Matches, Clean Finishes At WM29, The Best Argument Yet Against Ending The Streak, Life Of A Developmental Star, The Miz The Next Undertaker?

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  • WNW Fan

    You have mentioned several times that Punk has a
    golden opportunity to become the new face of the WWE if he were to end the

    Well if I were a WWE writer I would feel that now
    since Paul Bearer has died it has set the stage for the WWE to build Punk back
    up as a monster heel.

    Use the real life event to get under Takers skin.
    Have Punk use it to as the saying goes “pour salt in an old wound”. Have Punk
    say how he’s going to end the streak and rub Paul’s death at Taker. Get Punk so
    much heat that everbody wants him beaten.

    Then have Taker get his “revenge” at Wrestlemania
    while keeping the streak alive.

    This to me would serve two purposes. Build Punk up
    to be the number one heel in the whole business. Like a modern day HHH or Stone
    Cold from the attitude era, then at the same time preserve the streak. Can you
    imagine how much emotion this could generate? The “cheap heat” would be

    Punk and Taker both in the end would stay strong
    while entertaining the fans with a storyline full of emotion and keeping the
    streak going making it 21-0. I think it would also put Punk at the top as the
    guy who pushed Taker farther than anyone else.

    They could almost sort of put the streak in the
    shadow of the storyline and focus almost entirely on Takers revenge. The streak
    could be considered the icing on the cake.

    I may be totally wrong in this thinking. I do
    understand though your feelings on Punk beating him.

    But in my humble opinion these events with Bearer
    set up the perfect bad-guy/good-guy story with the “memory” of Paul Bearer being
    vindicated in the end.

    Your thoughts? Thanks for all your hard work
    Richard. Lots of respect.

  • I try to listen to these mailbags as soon as they are released (more so on the same day) and I was pretty intrigued on your thoughts about Kurt Angle.

    There are so many people that really put Kurt down and call him eccentric and delusional at times. Do some of the things he says show that… sure! The problem is, no one really sat down and really talked to him.

    This may be the first time that I made Richard jealous! Haha! Anyway, once you do sit down and really talk about the business (and beyond), you will see that Kurt knows what he is talking about. He does recognize the things he has done in the past and says he doesn’t drink anymore. I know what people say and do are different things, but the fact of the matter is, business wise, Kurt is intelligent. We talked even after the interview was over about wrestling and then went on to different topics.

    I still talk to him today and he has given me information that I can’t/don’t want to write about. Richard, maybe I can hook something up, haha.

  • Nick

    I’ve not listened to the whole mailbag yet due to work, but if Punk was to win I could only imagine it being a truly screwy finish.

  • I’d rather see Kurt Angle vs. Antonio Cesaro. I’ve watched Daniel Bryan since coming to WWE and he hasn’t been as amazing as people made him out to be. As far as work rate goes I’ve been more impressed with Ziggler and Cesaro. I also have been very impressed with Seth Rollins — he’s going to be CM Punk’s replacement. That’s not a diss at Punk either.

  • Gary Robert

    Richard, there is of course a way to have Punk beat the Streak without it overshadowing the Cena/Rock match….the years-in-waiting Cena heel turn.

  • Ben

    Richard, the problem with the examples you gave as WM being big enough for those matches is that everything that happened at WM 24 and WM 26 is not as big or as important as it is for Cena to beat The Rock this year. Last year’s horrendously awful booking decision made it this big, because another loss completely buries Cena. Yes, the HBK-Flair and HBK-Taker matches at 24 and 26 overshadowed everything else, but those outcomes were also extremely obvious. Punk ending The Streak would be a huge shock and anything else would be completely irrelevant in comparison. Not only does Cena need to win, that win needs to be in the spotlight. I can’t see that happening if Punk wins. As much as I want Punk to win, and as much as I couldn’t care less if boring PG Cena gets buried, from a business perspective it probably can’t happen. I really, really hope I’m wrong, though.