Pushes & Call-Ups After Wrestlemania 29, WWE Legends Contracts, Dolph Ziggler Winning Two Titles The Same Night, Triple H's Retirement Match vs. Ric Flair's Retirement Match, Thoughts On Fandango, John Cena More Popular Than Hulk Hogan?

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  • rematchamania!!!!

  • Nostaljack

    @Charlie – *No one* has *ever* been more over than Hogan was. No one outside of wrestling knows who John Cena is. *Everyone* knew who Hogan was in his era. He was ubiquitous with the culture. There’s absolutely no comparison.

    • Kip King

      I beg to differ, wether you love him or hate him, John Cena is a house hold name, i dont even like him and I could ask anyone on the street and most likely they will know who Cena is. Trust me dude, Cena is as over as anyone in the history of professional wrestling.

      • Nostaljack

        Cena is a household name…in wrestling. Hogan isn’t just well-known in that sense. He transcended the lingo we use when speaking of wrestling. He became successful in addition to wrestling. Cena never could have been the catalyst for changing the entire business the way Hogan did. It took someone larger than life – both physically and in terms of charisma. As much as I abhor Hogan these days and wish he’d just go away, I would never deny the fact that he’s drowning in “it”. Cena is no slouch but he isn’t the least bit successful outside of the business. His nearly non-existent movie career speaks to that. It kinda goes without saying that without Hogan, there is no WWE as we know it now.

        • Xavier

          People outside of wrestling know who Cena is. A few of my good friends who serve our country know who Cena is and don’t watch wrestling. Cena does the Subway commercials, Make A Wish stuff and does a lot of PR with troops and other venues. He’s a bigger household name then the likes of Austin, HHH, Taker, Flair etc. However I do agree that no one in the wrestling industry is nowhere near famous as Hogan.

      • Xavier

        Cena is a pretty big deal outside of wrestling because of his associations with Make A Wish, Subway, Nickelodeon, Fight Against Breast Cancer, and his stuff with the troops. He’s a bigger name then Austin at this point easily but I don’t think Cena or anyone else in wrestling will ever be as big as Hogan was. That’s not a knock on Cena or anyone else that’s just a credit to Hogan for how famous world wide he was.

  • I agree with you Richard on most things such as the booking of Punk which has been terrible an in my eyes kind of a slap in the face to him after all the work Punk has done over the last year!. Also the people who want WWE to turn into ROH never gonna happen not even worth talking about. But i have a different opinion on the booking of the Twice in a Lifetime match if the Rock did go over wouldnt it be a further catalyst for a Cena heel turn im keeping hope alive for that! Also i sincerly hope that Ziggler cashes in and leaves World Champion