Details On A WWE Star's Contract Dispute, Zack Ryder Pushed Or Released?, The Future Of Jack Swagger's Push, Talking Randy Orton Heel Turn

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Was Mark Henry's interview at Extreme Rules just a work or is it a way to get him off television until he can get another contract?

Prior to Mark Henry returning to WWE in February, he was locked in a contract dispute with the company. While there were some questions about his health, Henry threatened not to come back unless he approved creative plans for him. They ended up agreeing to a deal that saw him work Elimination Chamber, Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules. The bit on Raw was done to write him off. For how long, I haven't heard. Some say he could return as a babyface and he did come out of the strap match against Sheamus banged up. I believe it was a shoulder injury.

Do you see Zack Ryder getting pushed or released?

I can't really speculate either. Yes, Zack Ryder is getting on television but only as an enhancement talent. Ryder is such a weird case. He's built a fan empire using YouTube and Twitter, yet he's unable to solidify a push on WWE television. I don't know who it is that lacks confidence in him, perhaps Vince himself, but clearly someone doesn't see him worth a push.

Is Jack Swagger's push officially over?

WWE is committed to the Zeb Colter/Tea Party stuff but who knows how much this involves a continued main event push for Jack Swagger. He wasn't booked with confidence this week, however, there's no way to give a definitive word whether or not this is a sign that his push is over. I will say many were surprised Vince McMahon didn't alter the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania following Swagger's arrest when he had ample time to do so. Swagger had a rough week after nearly injuring Alberto Del Rio and kicking Dolph Ziggler in the head. This got him backstage heat and that could be one of the reasons for the more recent jobs.

Is there any new information on turning Randy Orton heel?

WWE is building Randy Orton back up but still as a babyface. Orton wants to work as a heel and has stated as much publicly, however, this is a question I've been answering for at least the past year. Don't hold your breath but Orton fans have reason to be optimistic.

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  • Xavier

    It’s time for the WWE to cut their ties with Swagger & Ryder. Swagger looks like a main eventer but has lower midcard ability/talent. And in Ryder’s case he was never good to begin with.

    • Lewis

      I don’t agree about Ryder, while I don’t see him as a main eventer, he’s good enough to be apart of the second tier and tag titles, the big problem is his gimmick was never going to keep him going for long enough and badly needs a complete make over with a new gimmick and even a heel turn. But I wouldn’t suggest releasing him just yet.

      • Xavier

        Okay well let me ask you this. If they do in fact turn Ryder heel would you push him ahead of Ambrose, Sandow, Cesaro, Axel, Barrett, Cody or Fandango? Those are the guys he’d be competing with for TV time if you turned Ryder heel. Me personally, I think those guys I maned are easily better then Ryder at this point.

        • Lewis

          As I said I don’t see him as a main eventer, but I can see him in the mix with R-Truth, Kofi and etc, the guys you mentioned are being groomed for the main event, other than maybe Fandango and will get more of the air time, plus things change every day whose to say one or some of them turn face

  • Stoney

    Ryder got over without Vinces helps, and in Vinces eyes that’s a big no no

    • This is true and I don’t understand why WWE does things like this. Hopefully when HHH takes over he won’t be petty like Vince is. I love and appreciate what Vince has done, but his behavior at times is ridiculous.

    • Xavier

      Ryder got over with a youtube show, which is fine. But no one was clamouring for him too be pushed when he was a Major Brother/Edge Head or when he first got a singles run on ECW. People only took notice to him when he went to youtube. Translation: Ryder didn’t get over based on his wrestling abilities because he’s not very good to begin with. I know blaming Vince for Internet darlings not succeeding is the cool thing to do and all but let’s be real here, no one would care about this guy at all if he never made a show on youtube and another thing, there are about 10-15 other up & comers on the roster that I can name off the top of my head that are better then Ryder that deserve to be pushed before him based on WRESTLING.

      • thepowerserge

        I’d really love to hear those 10-15 guys you’re talking about. As for Ryder getting over on his own, I agree with Justin. This seems to be the depths of Vince’s pettiness. If he doesn’t make you, he’ll break you. Does he have wrestling ability? We may never know, since he lost the US title almost as quickly as he won it. Add to that the WWE taking over the show and making him the modern day version of Barry Horowitz and it’s all but sealed: Vincent Kennedy McMahon killed the Ryder Revolution.

        • Xavier

          Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns, Sandow, Cody, Truth, Both Usos, Cesaro, Big E, Bourne, Gabriel, Santino, Titus & Axel are all better workers then Ryder. And those are just guys from the midcard/lower midcard. McMahon didn’t kill shit. He wasn’t very good as a Major Brother, Edge Head nor was he anything special in ECW.

      • jomo12

        When did WRESTLING start mattering again in this day and age of WWE? it’s about the Entertainment factor and that’s what Ryder has/had. “We” didn’t care bout him before cuz his gimmick wasn’t entertaining enough. Oh look, Fandango is popular, but Johnny Curtis wasn’t. And Michael McGillicuty was no where to be found, but Curtis Axel is the new “Paul Heyman Guy”. We’ve barely seen much in ring work from Ryder to base judgment on that but as for entertainment, the kid gets it.

        • Xavier

          We’ve seen plenty, his run with the Major Brothers/Edge Heads and his singles run in ECW. He was with the company for 4 years before he started doing his youtube show.

  • Orton is scheduled to turn heel and will feud with Sheamus at Summerslam (other sites have reported). I would expect Sheamus and Orton to get a tag team title shot at Payback which ends with a blowup between the two. This will be followed by both men costing each other in the MITB match in July. This will then lead to their match at Summerslam. It’s amazing how many in the IWC are shitting on this idea. This feud is for the traditional fans and it will be big.

  • John

    What a horrible idea it would be too turn Mark Henry face! He is the best heel in WWE right now.

    Where was the logic that Henry went over at WrestleMania yet Ryback got the main event title push? Henry has a better look, is better on the mic, is better in the ring & is a better heel in general than Ryback!

  • sir-rusty82

    So everyone mocks the Rock & other part time talent but I dont see anyone mocking Mark Henry & the Rock was there for the lead up to Royal Rumble until Wrestle Mania & needed actual surgery