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  • Xavier

    Richard, your still on this Ryback should be champ BS? Both Cena & Ryback were down for several minutes. Since when has anyone won a last man standing match with help up from officials? C’mon Richard your smarter then that

    • The last man standing wins a last man standing match. They shouldn’t have showed Ryback getting to his feet. It was a ridiculous way to book it.

      • Xavier

        No not really, the winner of the last man standing match is the 1st person too get to his feet within 10 seconds, it’s always been booked like that and you know that. Remember the HBK/HHH last man standing match from the rumble in 04? That was a draw because both men failed to make it too their feet within the 10 count. Even if the ref had counted neither Cena or Ryback were gonna beat that count.

        • @Funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

          I’m not sure if you realize it or not but wrestling is scripted……so you can’t say whether he would’ve stood up or not, everyone knows (besides you of course) that a ten count is’t ten seconds, the count is slower/faster based on the amount of time the match has to play out. Richard is correct in that if they wanted the match to be no contest they shouldn’t have had Ryback stand up because that just killed the whole no contest angle. They could do the same exact storyline they’re doing now if Ryback hadn’t gotten up the only difference being they wouldn’t have ruined one of the main events of their better selling B-level pay-per-views

          • Xavier

            Yes I realize wrestling is scripted. And creative scripted for the match too be draw, simple is that. And a 10 count isn’t 5 minutes or however long they were both down for.

          • The problem with the 10 count argument is Charles Robinson never counted. Had he counted, I could have handled it a lot better. He didn’t so it’s left open ended. How many times have there been dirty finishes where someone will be covered for longer than three seconds but the referee was “distracted”? Same concept.

        • @Funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

          I’m also pretty curious as to what credentials you have that make your opinion “righter” than Richard’s because he’s been covering the wrestling business for over a decade. I’m pretty sure that he knows more than you.

          • Xavier

            Because Last Man Standing Matches have always booked as the winner answering the count before 10, not 5 minutes. That’s common sense.

  • @Funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

    “He just bought a house….is it creepy that I know that?” hahaha

    • Haha as soon as I said it I thought… good job, you just made yourself look like a creepy stalker.

  • Phil

    I giggle every time I hear you say “who gives a rip!”

  • BrooksOglesby

    NXT was good at first! I’m still disappointed that Derrick Bateman got released, since he really kept me entertained on those Tuesday nights. It definitely went downhill fast, though. Glad I’ve moved onto greener pastures.