Why Owen Hart Isn't In The WWE Hall Of Fame, WWE's Next Premier African American Star, On-Air Authority Figures As Fixtures On WWE TV, Talking 2013 Money In The Bank Ladder Match Winners

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Is Owen Hart not in the WWE Hall of Fame because of Vince McMahon or because his wife, Martha, sued the company?

While no one knows for sure, I think the legal action on behalf of Martha Hart against WWE has at least played a part in keeping Owen out of the WWE Hall of Fame. Following Owen's death, Martha filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company and settled out of court for approximately $18 million. In 2010, she filed another lawsuit against Vince and Linda McMahon for using Owen's name and likeness, for deceptive business practices and not paying royalty payments to Owen's estate and his children. That lawsuit was settled earlier this year. Bret Hart says he's asked about Owen and the WWE Hall of Fame every day and that it's kind of childish that he's not in. You can read his comments at this link.

In the past you've said that now the WWE has established a Latino star in Alberto Del Rio the plans were to start establishing a top African-American star, are there still plans in doing this and if so are those the plans for Big E Langston?

It wouldn't surprise me if Big E Langston was WWE's premier African American talent as he has strong support from Vince McMahon and John Cena. I've been told Triple H has even had to step in and remind Vince to take it slow with him, however, aside from Daniel Bryan and The Shield, he is in one of the best spots for up and coming talent. As for African Americans, let's not forget Mark Henry is slated to return on this week's WWE Monday Night Raw and should be booked prominently.

How has Teddy Long managed to keep his same position as an on-screen authority figure for as long as he has?

Teddy Long has managed to keep his role on WWE television because it "fits him," just like the role "fits" Vickie Guerrero. Long has been with WWE since 1998 and has strong relationships with many in the company. While some take him for granted, Long is talented at what he does, just like Vickie is talented at what she does.

Have you heard anything with regards to the potential winners of both briefcases at Money in the Bank next month?

I haven't heard anything yet, probably because there has been a lot of uncertainly with the World Heavyweight Championship with Dolph Ziggler being out with a concussion. I feel WWE made the right move by not taking the title off Ziggler after successfully "cashing in," however, how WWE plans to move forward will probably tell more. The Money in the Bank ladder matches present two opportunities. The match is either used as a vehicle to elevate an up and coming worker or it's to help re-establish a worker. Workers looking to be elevated include Daniel Bryan, The Shield and the aforementioned Big E Langston. Workers looking to be reestablished include Randy Orton, Sheamus and Mark Henry. I personally think the match should be used to help elevate some of this new wave of talent and my first two picks would probably be Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose.

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  • Danny_Boy

    Daniel Bryan isn’t new talent. He doesn’t need the briefcase to get over. Besides, he already won MITB in 2011. Time to push the new wave of talent like you mentioned, Bryan isn’t new.

  • D_gilbert88

    But it gives D-bry an easy storyline back into the world title picture…works for me!! 😀

  • Jason

    I think it’s BS that Ziggler gets too keep the title even though he hasn’t defended it in about 7 weeks. When Rock wasn’t defending the title on every RAW everybody had something to say but because it’s Ziggler everyobdy (including Richard gives him a pass) SMH, damn shame.

    Bryan doesn’t need the MITB. I’d rather see a younger guy like Big E or Sandow get it. Didn’t Bryan already when MITB already?

    • Jesse Sherwood

      While I understand your argument here Jason, there is a big difference between the Rock leaving to do hype for his upcoming movies and not even have the belt at most of the appearances and Ziggler being off of TV due to a legitimate injury. People would have been more forgiving if Rock tried to promote WWE more.
      Yes, Bryan won MITB 2 years ago, which led to his first heel turn and loss to Sheamus in 18 seconds at WrestleMania last year.

      • Scott Davies

        While I would hate to see Dolph get striped of the Title. I believe in tradition & that Titles should be defended with in 30 days. I think the title has lost more meaning then it already has. It’s a World title, but gets treated like a Mid card title or opening match.