Christian A Main Eventer Or Stuck In The Midcard?, Zeb Colter's Controversial Gimmick, Analyzing The Money In The Bank PPV & Possible Match Outcomes, Ryback & Vickie Guerrero Alliance, Bray Wyatt's Work On Raw, Patience With New Gimmicks

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  • GuyLandau

    My problem with the Kaitlyn angle is just that what they did is so low-brow. I don’t think Kaitlyn is offended, I just think wrestling could and should be classier than that. That’s my personal beef with that angle.

    • It’s a lazy rehash that lacks class. No problem with that classification, I just don’t like the “oh my god this is so offensive” point of view.

      • GuyLandau

        Also – As for the Internet fans, EXACTLY. You hit it right on the money. That is something I’ve been trying to get over to readers subtly, is a bit of humility. It boggles my mind how many people treat their uneducated (in that they have never wrestled) opinion as gospel truth. So many people know exactly what WWE and TNA should do to succeed. Of course, they are all different. But each person with no TV or wrestling experience thinks they KNOW what works and what doesn’t. I take myself as a good judge of in-ring work simply because I have 6 years of in-ring experience. That doesn’t make me a good booker, and I’ll certainly not say any absolutes about stuff I don’t understand, like booking a show. At most I would question things that seem illogical or counter-productive to me, but I’ll never make as bold of claims as the IWC tends to. “This guy sucks, you know nothing” “no, this guy rocks, you know nothing!” debates on YouTube just make me flustered. When I say wrestling should be classier I speak on behalf of what I would like to see, AND THAT’S IT. There’s a difference between having a humble opinion and what I see online.

        By the way Richard, I didn’t really notice a lot of the work-rate in TOF vs. Shield on RAW other than Tensai’s beautiful butterfly vertical slam/suplex move, but I did notice Clay saving a botched spot by Roman Reigns which impressed me, in that it allowed Reigns to not look as bad as he could have. He made a botched spot seem natural (if you want to go back and watch – Reigns was trying to get him up on his shoulders. Clay noticed Reigns didn’t have a good hold on him so he countered and Suplexed him, saving Reigns the humiliation of not getting him properly on his shoulders). That’s a subtlety I never would’ve noticed without my experience, for example.

  • James Larochelle

    I liken the “regression” of the Shield to what happens to some
    supervillains in the comics. The first few times the hero(es) face the
    villain, the hero(es) get their butts whooped. Eventually though, the
    hero has to prevail. The more often the villain appears, the more often
    they’re going to lose. Heck Squirrel Girl beat Doctor Doom (okay so it
    wasn’t the REAL Doctor Doom, but still!)! The Shield had to lose
    eventually. You can’t sustain a push of that magnitude forever. They booked their
    entire main event face roster in the MITB match. They wanted to use the
    Shield, so they had to use SOMEBODY and after having the main event
    roster go under to them, they can afford to get pinned once in a while.or else eventually people will just say, “Well, the Shield aren’t facing main eventers, this match means nothing.”
    They lose to Christian and the Usos and suddenly people say, “What?
    Well, maybe the Usos COULD go over. They won’t but I care a little more
    about this match.” With the Wyatt Family coming in with a big push
    planned, it’s only natural that the Shield would have to take a little
    step back out of the spotlight.

  • Stoney

    I honestly think Christian was held down on purpose. Remember in 2005 he was super over, I think more over than Cena and this was when John was destined to be ‘the man’. And when John Cena was drafted to Raw him and Christian had a promo and i think this was the stage where fans started turning on Cena and I think Vince blames Christian for putting a dent in his popularity. That’s why Christian was sent to smackdown and that’s why a Christisn/Cena feud never happened in 2005