Why I Still Don't Think Vince McMahon Got The Message About Daniel Bryan & How This Week's Raw Proved It, Sharing WWE Network Subscriptions, Future Plans for Bray Wyatt, Was Big Show Upset At Brock Lesnar; How Brock Acts Backstage, Negotiating Leverage In WWE, A Lot Of Daniel Bryan Talk

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  • Mike McCarthy

    Netflix can be used by a hell of a lot more than 2 people, I have 5 on mine and it says I can add more. But I don’t think WWE Network will do that.

    • BrooksOglesby

      I know you can access Netflix from however many devices, but I know there’s a limit on how many people can be actually viewing something at the same time (or else I’d still be leeching off my girlfriend’s).

      • Mike McCarthy

        Weird, mine isn’t like that at all. Mine has eleven devices and is shared through five people. Never had any problems from Netflix at all.

        • you can connect on the same account on many different screens however the most that can be accessed at the same time is 4.that plan is 11.99.

  • Mike McCarthy

    Certainly did feel great to hear one of Richard’s Daniel Bryan rants. He really does a great job in breaking things down for us.

  • Vince McMahon

    Don’t listen to this man! My plan all along was for people to be pissed off at the rumble! Pissing fans off is one of my favorite hobbies after all. And yes we have went ahead and scraped Seamus vs bryan match. Instead We are going to do Bryan Vs. a Returning Santino. Of course we are going to be putting santino over because A. It’s his return match and B. Come on that guys a riot! We might get khali and hornswoggle do a dance over Bryans fallen carcass. Now thats a Wrestlemania moment! In fact, I’m booking it right now!

  • Tomas

    So, if they do give us Bryan V Sheamus 3 at WM instead of pushing Daniel Bryan to the moon, what happens if the crowd turns on them at the biggest PPV of the year like they at the Royal Rumble? Do you think anybody in the WWE is even worried about that?

  • Nostaljack

    Speaking as one of the “too cool” people likely referenced, Vince didn’t become the most successful wrestling promoter ever by ignoring crowd reactions. He’s not this stupid. I can’t believe that. It just isn’t logical to what I know of the history of this company and of McMahon. That’s why I think much of this is a work. If I’m wrong, so be it.

    • Judas

      Two words…..Gobbledy Gooker.

      But to be fair, he became the most successful wrestling promoter when there were dozens of promoters. He had competition and a reason to listen to the fans.

      • Nostaljack

        You’re referencing an aberration, not the norm. Vince has become too big to fail, by and large, and that didn’t happen because he ignored what the fans wanted. Those who are complaining about him ignoring Bryan’s reactions won’t be turning away from “Raw” and they’ll buy the next PPV too. We all will. We want to see where this goes.

        • Judas

          Vince isn’t too big to fail, he’s just truly the only game in town. No knocks to TNA/ROH/etc, but they are far from being anything close to what WWE is currently.

          Also, I was very disappointed with RR, but I willingly admit I won’t stop watching any of the programs.

    • Xavier

      On the heels of the PPV where “smarks” claim to be done with wrestling the RAW watch party broke the record for most comments ever. On the heels of this past Rumble I’ve witnessed more breaking news on dirt sheets then ever before. Vince has been playing these fans like a fiddle

      • Ben

        And he’s going to keep crapping on Daniel Bryan to do it. I wish Bryan would go into Vince’s office demanding a title run or threaten to take his ball and go home. But he won’t. Sadly, knowing Vince’s history of bullying people, that’s probably part of the problem. Bryan is so easy-going Vince sees him as a pushover and doesn’t have to care or worry about how he’s booked.

  • kristolium

    Richard Gray, this was the best promo ive ever heard!

  • Gary Robert

    I’ll again say that the Streak should indeed end and the rub should be given to someone (at this point, Bryan is the only real possibility). As for the whole “Undertaker deserves the right to go out undefeated etc etc” I think the way to go is to have the Streak end, and then the following year he can challenge whoever beats him, gain revenge and retire with the claim that he beat everyone he ever faced at Mania. That being said, it comes down to how many matches does Undertaker feel he has left and at the point at which he think its only two (to achieve what I mention) is there a viable guy to be put over? Just food for thought.