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  • David

    One thing that I think WWE could do better is with the B show gimmick pay per views. Previously the gimmick matches would come about in a more organic manner. For example if there was a major conflict between people it could lead to a Hell in a Cell match. It doesn’t make sense to me to say that they’ll have these type of matches at specific times each year depending on the time instead of the actual conflict between the two.

    I agree with MITB at Wrestlemania. Sense they took it off it’s really been missed and I think it added a lot of excitement to the show and provided an excellent opportunity to build new stars. With the renewed interest in the tag team scene maybe it’s time to add a tag team title MITB match? With unifying the titles it reduces the number of MITB matches at the PPV down to one.

  • DanfromOz

    Hey Richard I’m having trouble listening on my mobile. I was wondering if there current tech issues or if it was my phone. Anyone else having an ish?