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  • You may have gotten only 5 minutes of problems last night I had 20 minutes of problems. I did not get to see anything until the very end of the match when Neville jumped onto the ladder. When I refreshed I saw The Neville Promo that was earlier in the night and it would end when Breeze entered the ring. and it would loop. I even tried clearing my cookies and cache and restarting my browser. It didn’t fix the issues.

  • Peter Brian Hoover Jr

    I was finally able to watch a full PPV VOD on the WWE Network this afternoon on my Roku 3. The live stream is great other than that instance on the NXT ArRIVAL special.

  • Charlie Crimefighter Hovey

    I have just watched survivor series 88 and no problems on my iPhone.. The streaming for the videos on demand have gotten a lot better..

  • Scott Davies

    Hey Richard is there a chance you do a Richard Reacts to NXT Arrival. I bet you have a lot to say about it.