WWE Star's In-Ring Career Over?, R-Truth's Career In TNA Compared To WWE, Why There Aren't Shoot Matches In WWE & Who Knows The Outcomes, My Problem With This Year's Wrestlemania Card But Why I'm Still Looking Forward To It

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  • Charlie Crimefighter Hovey

    You said the only thing we can look forward to is the streak remains and 5 minutes later you say there is no sure thing in wwe.. So which is it?

    • Gary Robert

      b/c there is no sure thing….but Undertaker winning is the closest thing to a sure thing you’ll come across. He won’t be losing to part-timer Brock Lesner. Makes zero sense. There’s zero intrigue at all for this match, imo. Other than just watching Undertaker wrestle again. But for people that care about match credibility and a story line that builds doubt in your mind as to the outcome…this isn’t it.

      • There is no sure thing, however, the streak will not be broken. Welcome to the paradox that is pro wrestling.

  • Cubed56

    The streak will not be broken this year, especially to a part-timer in a match with very little build, that to be quite honest isn’t even remotely interesting imo. However, I’m pretty sure I’ll be in the minority here, but the streak SHOULD end before Taker retires. Not only would it help WWE create the next megastar they so desperately covet, but it would be the honorable thing for Taker to do. Taker losing, would be him showing his gratitude for Vince making him into the megastar he is today. Lets be honest, at this point, Taker losing at WM will not do anything to tarnish his legacy or streak, but it will do everything for WWE and the person that breaks it.

    • Gary Robert

      I agree. I’ve even said he should lose the Streak to put someone over and then he can retire the following year by beating that person and retire after getting revenge and saying he’s beaten everyone he’s faced at Mania.

  • Truth may have been in a better spot in TNA but that’s relative. TNA is nowhere. He is in a better spot *right now* than he ever was in TNA.