How WWE Hurt Bret Hart After He Came Back In 2010, Why I'm Against Reforming The NWO Or Any Other Past Faction, Did WWE Make An Unforgivable Mistake On This Week's Raw?, Concerns With Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker

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  • Cubed56

    How is this undercard any different then the last handful of WM’s? The undercards for those also weren’t spectacular and had no real storyline to it. I feel the undercard for this WM could turn out great with lots of stuff to talk about. There is the more then likely the implosion of the Real Americans with Cesaro’s face turn becoming official on the biggest stage, The Shield will either split with Ambrose and Rollins turning on Reigns, or they will become the new anti-authority faction ala DX and win their match and help out DB later in the night. The divas match is a joke, ill agree to that, but the battle royal if used right could be one guys WM moment and lead to a push for the winner. For that fact, I’m hoping they allow Cody Rhodes or Ziggler to go over. Everyone is worried and crapping all over the undercard and the PPV as a whole. You all need to relax, and let it play out. The Shield will deliever we know that, Cesaro will do something spectacular in the tag match, the battle royal will have a holy s**t moment, and imo Cena/Wyatt will steal the show(yes a non cena fan saying a Cena match will steal the show), and DB will be DB and HHH will step it up in that match. Taker/Lesnar is gonna be what it is, there is no mystery as to what will happen, I just hope Taker can deliver as he usually does. In the main event, I feel its a quite obvious DB will not leave champ, cause Batista came back for a title run. Either way, the main event will have people talking and tuning into Raw the following night and that’s all they care about. If DB wins, everyone will be elated and tune into the celebration, if hes screwed again, everyone will be super pissed, but will still tune in to see what DB does next.

  • Richard, you said you were worried about Undertaker last year…and he pulled off an incredible match, leading you say that you were completely wrong. I totally gave up on trying to figure out when Undertaker would retire after that. It appears rather simple: Undertaker will work at the highest level until he doesn’t want to anymore. Frightening but he’s proven that to be true again and again.

  • Rus

    $70 FOR WRESTLE MANIA………. We pay $35 in Australia but then again we don’t have the WWE Network yet 🙁