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  • Matt

    Did the audio cut out after Richard said, “there will never be another Undertaker and never another streak”?

  • Scott Davies

    Hold on there kid before we jump the gun. Daniel Bryan is great & clearly the most popular superstar of this era, but even I who is a Daniel Bryan fan. He is not in the class of Hulk Hogan & Steve Austin. See him as more as a class on Mick Foley & Bret Hart. I know he is your favourite & is also mine, but even I have a hold on reality. Hogan & Austin were ratings attracters. No offence, but Daniel Bryan has been on top on WWE since Summerslam & has not drawn anything close to those numbers. You can’t blame football or anything on ratings, cause there is also an international market you fail to mention. If Daniel Bryan brings in 5’s or more then I will agree with the Austin/Hogan class. Until then he is no where close to them. Popular yes, but how long can the yes movement actually last?