Xavier Woods Fading Into Oblivion, Use Of Squash Matches To Get Talent Over, Honoring Warrior's WWE Contract, Match Of The Year Candidates, Do I Want To See Sting vs. The Rock?, Paul Heyman Guys, Why Brock Lesnar Can't Lose Anytime Soon, The Last Of Shawn Michaels

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  • Daniel Bryan vs HHH was a match of the year candidate at Wrestlemania. It was an incredible match. It is now IMO the greatest Opening match in Wrestlemania History.

    • It was a good match, don’t get me wrong. However, too gimmicky for my MOTY list.

      • That match was too gimmicky? What the heck does that mean Richard? I don’t see anything that even remotely resembled gimmicky. Please explain that

        • All the stipulations around it, Stephanie barking orders on the outside of the ring. All those were gimmicks and it clouded it from being MOTY candidate. It was good, not great.

          • Scott Davies

            MOTY clearly The Shield v The Wyatts. 2 factions of talent that everyone see’s a future in. I would consider Triple H v Daniel Bryan a MOTY candidate too. Too Gimmicky or you just did not understand another story that added to the match. It was booked to be a struggle to the top. If you don’t put that on a list of MOTY candidates. You don’t know nothing about psychology of wrestling.

  • Gary Robert

    Vlad Kozlov was also given a clean win over Taker.

  • I really do have high hopes for Xavier Woods. He’s got such a positive attitude.