WWE Title Belt, Sandow's Character, What's Imperative If Lesnar Wins Title, When WWE Will Announce WWE Network Subscribers, Original Plans For SummerSlam Focused On New Talent, Stop Chanting Punk, Ambrose Getting Lost?, More Unification

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  • Gary Robert

    Stop chanting CM Punk…but I’ll keep posting updates about him doing non-wrestling things like jogging in Hawaii with AJ or hosting the AP Music Awards, smh.

  • Mike McCarthy

    If I’m booking (and I know this isn’t the popular opinion) but I’d have Cesaro beat Lesnar for the title at Survivor Series. I think SummerSlam to WrestleMania is too long to have the title on a part-timer. And I think if you don’t put the title on Cesaro after having him turn on Heyman, he’ll get lost in the shuffle.

    • Simon Veitch

      The problem here is if Lesnar loses the belt just a couple of months after winning, it’s makes the rub from Undertakers streak seem like nothing. Lesnar needs to go on dominating week in and week out, destroying opponents and quite easily winning title matches until such a time as it becomes a “big deal” that someone beats him. Whether it be Reigns, Cesaro, Wyatt or whoever, it just needs to become a big deal before it happens

      • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

        You are so right. I’ve heard Heyman scream about his client breaking the streak it better be spectacular and worth it. I know Brock can be intimidating and now he should be every time. For him to win the belt and then loose it is stupid. I’m not saying he should never loose it but not anytime soon and as Simon said it should be a big deal for who ever beats him and Brock returns the favor Undertaker gave him to someone that it will build up.

  • Patrick

    Fan will chant what ever they want. no way to stop it even if it is rude and annoying to other wrestlers.

  • John

    I don’t have an issue with the CM Punk chants… On the other hand, “This is Awesome” chants have got to be the most nauseating thing in WWE right now!!

  • richy

    Just because Punk quit, doesn’t mean that fans cant still chant for him. It’s not a matter of WWE and them hiring him back. Usually, there are not “We want punk” chants, but moreso, “CM Punk” chants. Easily, it means it’s most people just chanting for him because maybe they WANT him back. A lot of people know by now that he left on his own accord. It’s not a message to WWE, it’s a message to Punk, really. Richard, help yourself. Get the fan base.

  • richy

    Okay…..really? Ambrose, a new look? HE DOES HAVE A NEW LOOK! He has jeans and a wife beater. It’s obviously drawing reference to a certain loose cannon. Pillman used to wear jeans, Austin wore jeans. It’s in correlation to label him as a badass, to show he goes above authority.