Daniel Bryan Literally Out Of WWE's Plans (Short & Long Term), AJ Lee's Emergence, Coming Soon To Wrestling News World, Kurt Angle's Unhappiness In TNA & Future Somewhere Else, New WWE Logo Transition, Reason To Be Excited For Battleground?

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  • supercilious1

    Regarding Orton’s finger band: The string is one of his daughters hair ties

  • John

    The Battleground main event is terrible, but the undercard is good so i think it will be a decent show.

    • Simon Veitch

      Definitely right there, this is one reason I’m grateful for the WWE Network, if this were an ordinary PPV purchase I’d be really torn between buying it or not, but with the network I’m going to watch it regardless and not miss any potential surprises or twists

      • Exactly how I feel. At $9.99/month, why not?

        • Nails

          Yes. If you’re a wrestling fan and you’re not willing to spend $10 a month, then you might not be a wrestling fan!

        • kurt

          I always had a hard time justifying rhe high coat of a pay per view buy. The past few years the price has jumped from around $35-$40 to around $60 and the pay per views have been lack luster for that price. But at $10 a month, all the pay per views and other programming makes the price a complete steal. I love watching the old matches and documentaries of old promotions. Currently watching the documentary on the AWA. I have been a fan since Bob backlund was the wwwf champion. It’s great to watch the AWA, world class, nwa/wcw days and just bring up the network on a pay per view and watch without the mess of ordering it. It has its haters like anything else. But for a fan of over 30 years, I have no complaints.

  • AB

    In his book, Bret Hart mentions that Rick Rude always wore his wedding ring under tape.

    • I don’t remember that but i appreciate you adding that here. Very interesting.