Salvaging Daniel Bryan's Momentum, WWE Interest In Kurt Angle, Issues Between Vince McMahon/Jeff Jarrett Based On Black Mail, Stephanie Arrested Like Emma, Nation Of Domination, Booking Brock Lesnar As Champion

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  • Lee McAndrew

    I’ve heard Jeff Jarrett interviewed on the alleged blackmailing incident. He played it down, saying that he was just asking for back-pay he was owed. That was also The Ultimate Warrior’s reasoning for threatening not to do Summerslam 91. I’ve seen a number of interviews where former talent claim Vince doesn’t always deliver what he promises financially.

  • Vic Jose

    You always talk about Reigns not being ready, but Mania is 7 months away, that’s plenty of time to build him up and get him chasing for the belt.

    • Ben

      He needs some work on the mic and while he is a talented athlete his in-ring needs a lot more polishing. I’m very high up on Reigns’ potential but he shouldn’t be in the main event right now. Hopefully working with guys like Orton and Triple H who are very good wrestlers will help him improve in singles’ competition, but at this point he is still very much a project.

  • Ben

    No offense Richard but were you listening to those fans at MITB who went nuts when Daniel Bryan was out there? How about the VERY loud chants for Bryan during the title match at Battleground? He hasn’t lost an ounce of momentum and the fans are going to blow the roof off the place when he finally comes back. I’d be hard-pressed to have anyone else win the Rumble and beat Lesnar at Mania- only, of course, if he’s fully healthy by then.

  • Gary Robert

    Not to bash Brock or Richards “opinion” but he didn’t “dominate” UFC as Richard said…then repeated to emphasize his point. He went 5-3. Lost his last two fights. The fight before that, he got his face beat into meatloaf by Shane Carwin before beating Carwin after he was gassed. Prior to all of this, I don’t know how he ever was given a chance at the UFC Heavyweight title after going 2-1 in his first 3 fights–his loss being to the only decent guy he fought–Frank Mir. Certainly didn’t earn it but he beat 45 year old Randy Couture when given the chance, which is an accomplishment, and looked better the second fight against Mir, but against higher end competition the three fights after that, he looked very poor. Lucky not to have had the ref stop the fight against Carwin and then got TKO’ed the last two fights. Perhaps the sickness had an effect but no one really knows. All I know is regardless, it wasn’t “domination.”

  • Yves Heinrich

    Seen Xavier, Big E and Kingston together is awesome, I think that Xavier will reform Nation of Domination 🙂