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  • Tony

    They could potentially have The Rock maybe screw Lesnar out of the championship setting up the build for their match at WM. That way you don’t hurt Brock’s stock by losing clean to Cena and you don’t have to worry booking a part timer as champion. Maybe he wins and gets screwed at NOC. That would be an ideal situation.However I will say, it prolongs the rub Lesnar would give to someone at WM.

    • Yves Heinrich

      The Rock was a better part timer than Brock ever was, maybe The Rock didn’t had more matches than Brock did, but he did great shows since his return and he did deserved to be a champion and who knows, if he didn’t lost to Cena, he might’ve stayed after WrestleMania 29 :).

      • Ben

        Please, The Rock cut a few decent promos from 2011-January 2013 before getting completely destroyed on the mic by CM Punk, consequently got carried by Punk while burying his long title reign, and had a couple mediocre matches against Cena (WM 28 was decent, WM 29’s finisher-fest was crap). Lesnar looks every bit the dominant monster and is playing one very well. He’s had several fantastic matches since he returned, with the lone exception coming against a concussed Undertaker. The match against Cena at Summerslam should be excellent like their first match was. Lesnar is light years ahead of The Rock at this point.

        • Yves Heinrich

          The Rock came back because he’s the best entertainer ever and he loves every fan there is out there that likes him (including me) and he made shows to entertain and I loved every shows of his but Lesnar, he comes back for money and getting the best matches because they only pay him more than anyone else just because they need him.

          • Ben

            No offense man but you seem pretty naive here. You really believe The Rock came back for the fans rather than the seven or eight-figure contract for maybe 10 appearances a year? I’m not ripping on him for taking that deal, that’s just good business. However, I’m not going to pretend he came back for the fans, either. If he did he would stick around full-time or at least make appearances more often. I have no issue with guys working as part-timers, but if your work isn’t entertaining please stay away.

            Brock gets the best matches? The Rock got Cena twice and Punk twice along with that tag match at Survivor Series 2011. That’s two of the better in-ring workers in the company. Lesnar-Punk was arguably the best match of 2013 and Lesnar-Cena was great too (aside from Cena going over). The Rock’s matches pale in comparison and that’s not even including Brock’s very strong matches with Triple H. Admittedly, The Rock has Lesnar beat on the mic (although I thought Brock’s pre-tape on Monday was really, really good), but even Rock’s promos are getting stale. Paul Heyman as Lesnar’s mouthpiece is light years better at this point- though to be fair, I don’t know that anyone can hold a candle to Heyman on the stick now that Punk’s gone.

            BTW I doubt Brock makes more than The Rock did/does. Either way, you can bet both got multi-million dollar contracts for very few dates.

          • Yves Heinrich

            I’m not naive, it’s true (speaking about last comment), The Rock isn’t coming a full-timer because he has more movies to work on.
            I’m not talking about 2012 I’m talking about 2013 because Fast & Furious 6 came out two months after WrestleMania 29 and he probably still did work on other movies including this one, but it doesn’t change that he did came back for the fans I mean why wouldn’t he come back for them, it’s a fact that The Rock is one of the greatest entertainers of all time, probably the greatest entertainer ever, he loves entertainment himself and yes, I can admit that since The Rock returned, his promos/show weren’t that good because I can see he himself doesn’t even getting into his character but I still enjoyed every one of them and about Lesnar, maybe best than The Rock right now but… he still doesn’t even care and it’s the same as The Rock, why not full-timers? I don’t know, but I do know that The Rock came back because he wanted to, Lesnar’s return for “kicking peoples asses” and he does that on entertainment, he can go to TNA, ECW, ROH or any others to kick someone’s ass, he’s not even PG guy and he doesn’t even enjoy being at WWE, broke the streak for nothing!

  • Yves Heinrich

    Roman Reigns against The Rock or Brock Lesanr at WrestleMania 31, The Rock against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31, Triple Threat Match of The Rock against Batista against Brock Lesanr (I’m not sure if this picture is real but I found a picture of all three of them and it sounds pretty good if they’ll be a Triple Threat Match of these three against each other), Goldberg to return and Undertaker against Sting.
    I hope some of these will happen!!!

  • John

    The Brock Lesnar / John Cena promo was the most authentic thing WWE has done in years to hype a PPV main event. This match feels like a big deal, too me anyway. I’m shocked some people don’t see it that way! Do we really want to go back to the same boring main events with the same old rehashed storylines every month?

  • BIG M

    Im sorry but I just don’t see Roman Reigns as a main eventer yet nor do I fell he should be in the main event at WrestleMania 31 (and before people start to go nuts no I don’t think Daniel Bryan is the only worker that should have that privilege although I wouldn’t be against it).
    Don’t get me wrong Reigns has got the look the and the lineage (the Anoa’i/Fatu/Maivia family) to make it big in WWE but I still feel very strongly that he needs a lot more time to develop Im talking years not months.
    I mean he hasn’t even worked a single one on one match on PPV with anyone yet let alone a main event calibre worker he’s always been in these multiple worker gimmick matches.
    Call me old school but I don’t think anyone can be called a future main eventer without having a great one on one match with a big star no gimmicks no titles just 2 workers telling a great story.
    He’s finally getting what could be his breakout match at SumerSlam against Orton problem is Orton is the worst worker to draw if you want to breakout into the main card (just ask Kofi Kingston) if he even makes 1 mistake Orton will happily bury him both in the ring at afterwards backstage.

    • Ben

      Reigns’ mic work is weak and he hasn’t looked good in the few one-on-one matches he’s had. It’s not that he’s sloppy, he’s just very limited in what he knows how to do well. I hope Orton has grown up enough to understand that and will help Reigns develop instead of just burying him, but sadly that’s probably too much to ask.

  • Scott

    I don’t think The Rock will be at WM31.

    The way I would book it would be a slow burning descent of the relationship between Brock & The Authority where he starts holding the title for ransom, and come WrestleMania, The Authority are caught in the middle of not wanting Brock to have the title, and not wanting his opponent (Bryan? Reigns? Cesaro? Wyatt?) to have it either.

    Failing that, if The Rock is at WM31, I would expect him to cost Brock the title at Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber, thus, ruining the rub anyone might get from The Streak.