John Cena After SummerSlam, Booking Night Of Champions, WWE No Longer PG?

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  • Ernest Bethea

    That botch was at WM19

    • Ah yes Safeco Field. It was still epic.

      • Ernest Bethea

        I don’t ever want to hear (or read) a disparaging remark about botches. Some of them (like Brock’s) could be the coolest thing in the world!

  • AB

    I still think the match at SummerSlam should’ve been a BIT more competitive, and that it still could’ve achieved the same purpose, but I understand why they went that way. As I said in reply to another recent article, I think the rematch SHOULD be more competitive, but still make Lesnar look beastly and for the moment, unbeatable. For the moment.

    Have Cena and other challengers get a little closer to beating him each time, but ultimately soundly beaten, until finally, someone is able to go the distance and defeat Lesnar, getting the rub that Richard talked about. They can’t all be squash matches from here on out, but they do certainly need to be dominant showings by Lesnar.

    Congrats on the new arrival, Richard! 🙂

  • Henry

    To be fair, I think the one thing Vince needs is a nice fat joint to chill him down. Perhaps Swagger could help him with it.