Backstage News On Randy Orton's Meeting With Vince McMahon & Triple H; Will He Be Fired?, CM Punk Leaks Plans For New WWE Title Belt, Heat On Paul Heyman Over Internet Leaks, Concern Over The Return Of Mr. McMahon, Sheamus Gets Medical Attention At Raw, Identity Of Another WWE Star Who Failed A Wellness Test With Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes, TNA Blocking Talent From Going To WWE, Kelly Kelly Taking Time Off, Ask WNW Archive & All The Big News From This Past Week

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Welcome to the Premium Newsletter. This is where you will find all of the big news and Ask WNW segments from the week neatly archived for your viewing pleasure.

This week's edition covers news from Saturday, June 2, 2012 to Friday, June 8, 2012 as well as all five Ask WNW segments from the week. Use this newsletter as your own personal tool to catch up on any of the news that you may have missed during the week. Below is a table of contents:

Note From Richard: For those that have asked, the Newsletter is organized with the news posted on Saturday at the top with the most recent stories at the bottom. We have it organized this way so you can read the news in the order in which it happened. Thanks for your support!

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  • Jon

    I have to say something Re: the Mr. McMahon character. As you'll recall, in storyline McMahon was not fired or even removed from his position as CEO of WWE, he was only relieved from the "day to day" operations of the company. He still retains, in storyline, his position as chairman of the board of directors and CEO of the company. The storyline was that HHH was promoted to Chief Operations Officer, meaning that he would handle day-to-day operations, and VKM, as CEO, to oversee the executions of larger tasks while not being directly involved in them. It is therefore perfectly logical for VKM, still retaining the highest authority in WWE, to come and evaluate an executive.

  • wwe fan 250611

    Randy Orton should return as heel and win the wwe championship

  • wwe fan 250611

    WNW is awesome give us ur no way out predictions

  • Jamie

    Randy Orton should turn heel, its been a long time coming, they should have him turn on sheamus.