Below is a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions document based on questions that we receive on a regular basis. If you still have a question after reading this feel free to contact us at the address listed just below this message and above the FAQ. To insure that your inquiry gets a prompt reply please do not send issues with your Premium subscription to any other email address.

Contact Email Address: [email protected]

Will my Premium Membership automatically renew?

Yes. To guarantee you do not experience an interruption in service all subscriptions to Wrestling News World Premium are setup to automatically renew. If you do not want your membership to automatically renew simply cancel your subscription on your member page and once your account expires, it will be deactivated.

Is there a way that I can log-in to my account without being bombarded by the annoying ads every time that my account logs out?

Yes. I recommend that ALL WNW PREMIUM MEMBERS bookmark and every time that you want to access Wrestling News World you will not have to log-in every time that you visit and when you are logged out, you can log back in ad-free.

I'm currently a monthly subscriber but I would like to change my subscription plan to a different plan. How do I do this?

The first thing that you need to do is cancel your current subscription so it does not automatically renew. You can do this by going to your member page and clicking "Cancel" by your current subscription. After you cancel your current subscription simply go to your member page and select which subscription that you want. Press "Order" and you will go through the payment process. Please keep in mind that you can wait until your current subscription expires before you order a new one. For example if you are a monthly user and want to switch to a yearly subscription you can cancel your subscription today and wait for it to expire before purchasing your new subscription.

Can I share my Premium subscription with my friends or family?

Your Premium subscription to Wrestling News World is meant for YOUR own personal use. You are not allowed to share your membership with people outside of your household. Doing so will result in your account being deactivated and all funds being forfeited.

Can I share Wrestling News World Premium content on other websites/message boards?

Absolutely not; all Premium content is protected under copyright laws and is intended for paying subscribers only. If you distribute our content in any shape, way, or form outside of the Wrestling News World website, your account will be revoked and all funds will be forfeited. Depending on the situation, legal action may be taken. If you catch anyone distributing our content outside of the Wrestling News World website please report them at the email address above. If you can prove who is distributing it and where they are distributing it, we will gladly give you one month free.

Are Premium subscriptions refundable?

To protect the health of our website all sales are final. If you are unhappy with the service I urge you to contact us and tell us why you do not like the service. We will gladly listen to your suggestions and take them into consideration.

The credit card used to fund my Premium account has changed. How can I update my information to keep my subscription from expiring?

No credit card records reside on our servers. Paypal handles all of our transactions and you must change your funding source through them.

What if I get double billed, I don't want to get charged twice?

There have been rare occasions where members will get two subscriptions running at one time. We are not responsible for your subscriptions, it is up to you to keep track of them. Be sure to check your payment history and track what subscriptions are active. If you get double charged, we will do our best to accommodate you but we are not obligated to refund your money. Our system cannot refund transactions more than 60 days out.

What will my Premium subscription show up as on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement will list the transaction as to Wrestling News World, LLC.. This is the parent company of

What is your policy for damages?

By accessing your Premium account you relinquish of all damages and legally wave Wrestling News World, LLC. (the parent company of of all responsibility. We are not liable for any issue as long as the site is functioning properly. Our technical support staff will work very hard to resolve any issue you may have, but we are not under any circumstances liable for issues you may face because of faulty equipment, miss-managed subscriptions or subscriptions purchased by children. Once a subscription is purchased and your account is active, that sale is final. There are no exceptions under any circumstances. You are responsible for your account and we reserve the right to revoke an account under our own discretion without refunding payments. If you have any questions as to what could lead to your account being revoked, please contact us at the email address listed above (contact email address). We are not responsible for any technical support issue not sent to the proper email address which is listed above.